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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho

A community devoured by greed, cowardice, and fear. A man persecuted by the ghosts of his painful past. A young woman searching for happiness. In one eventful week, each will face questions of life, death, and power, and each will choose a path. Will they choose good or evil? In the remote village of Viscos -- a village too small to be on any map, a place where time seems to stand still -- a stranger arrives, carrying with him a backpack containing a notebook and eleven gold bars. He comes searching for the answer to a question that torments him: Are human beings, in essence, good or evil? In welcoming the mysterious foreigner, the whole village becomes an accomplice to his sophisticated plot, which will forever mark their lives. Paulo Coelho's stunning novel explores the timeless struggle between good and evil, and brings to our everyday dilemmas fresh perspective: incentive to master the fear that prevents us from following our dreams, from being different, from truly living. The Devil and Miss Prym is a story charged with emotion, in which the integrity of being human meets a terrifying test.
The book is deep in meaning; It teaches one to believe in nature but also makes one responsible for actions happening around them. It makes one realise, most of what is already known, but never realised. It is also showing that there is a bad trait in each one of us and you decided who wins you over. A perfect novel of Temptation. I can also say that it's about the struggle of Good and Evil within humanity. One of the most interesting facet of this particular tale is the explored differences between group mentality and individual morality as both struggle with balancing Good and Evil. There are many small "parables" that add to the customary tale-telling that Coelho readers have come to love: small pieces of wisdom in a simple story woven throughout the larger story.

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