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Monday, January 26, 2009

Morganville Vampire Books 1-5 by Rachel Caine

It was one of those days when all you wanted to do was sulk. For some people it might be the cause of extreme boredom, royally pissed off, and not having the kind of day they want it to be. I used to be those people. Now I'm just this weirdo reading anything, anywhere, everyday. May it be a book, a magazine, a flyer, heck even the back labels of foods. On that particular day I was sulking because I am to wait for Sookie Stackhouse book 9 until may. That was also the day that I added a favorite book series in my overflowing bookshelf. The Morganville Vampires.
Claire Danvers was a geek (still is actaully for the concession of the series) she got an early acceptance at MIT, Harvard and Caltech and mind you she was only 16 years old. Her parents all to protective sent her to a nearby University in Morganville to ensure that she can handle college. But unfortunate things happen. She got pushed down the stairs and was left to die by Queen Bee, Mayor's Princess and all around Bitch Monica Morrell and her main cronies Gina and Jennifer. She then fled the campus and seek an off campus bedroom for rent. She then encounters an ad looking for a 4th roommate. She then met Eve Rosser, Goth, feisty and over all nice person. Shane Collins, resident badass slacker and hot guy and last but not the least Michael Glass owner of the magical Glass House. Eve then told Claire that the town was being ruled by vampires, she didn't believe it of course with Eve goth and all, plus it's ridiculous, and then she discovered that Michael was a ghost. When she realized that everything was real all hell broke lose.
I love the book simply because Claire was brilliant, smart, and oh so innocent from the beginning. I love how Shane was such an immature badass and hotter than hell. It's nice that aside from the vamps Monica Morrell is as lethal and as irritating. I like it because it involves a subtle magic without any wizards or faeries involved. I love it how they can teleport thru portal doors that Myrnin the mad scientist maintains. I love it that once you get inside Morganville you can never go out, unless they say so or until you die. It's pretty unique too how the story says there's only 80 vamps left in the whole world and they are all sick and dying and Claire is the only hoppe that holds the answer. The antidote is found in the blood of the vicious Mr. Bishop. and and you know what's the best and most irritating part. Ms. Caine has this uncanny way of ending a book by writing the first part of the next book with is a freaking cliff hanger, always... I swear that when you finish a book you'll be itching to get the other one, once you start with the Glass House you'll see what I mean.

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