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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sookie Stakhouse (box Set) by Charlaine Harris

From my age stand point. This book is better than Twilight in so many ways. (Spoiler alert, if you guys haven't read it yet get out of this page now.)
There are 7 books (so far in this box set)
1 - Dead until Dark
2 - Living Dead in Dallas
3 - Club Dead
4 - Dead to the World
5 - Dead as a Doornail
6 - Definitely Dead
7 - All Together Dead
This book is like the Nancy Drew of the vampire lore, Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath living in Bon Temps, Louisiana working as a barmaid in Merlotte's bar. Virginal at the first book, well at the first half of the book at least. She can read people's minds but not the Supe community. So when she met Bill Compton, a vampire, she's in cloud 9 because suddenly she found peace in him in the telepathic sense, since she cannot hear his thoughts. But ever since that night her life had changed.
Miss Harris wrote this 7 books in an uncanny twist. Mystery, Sci-Fi-Fantasy, Romance, Thriller and a little suspense. Although I still love Twilight, Sookie's adventure are much more appealing and more realistic (in a sense) to me. There's flaws in every character but you'll learn to love them because that's just how things are in real life and you learn to appreciate them. Bill and Sookie's relationship turned sour but they still have love for each other. There's lots of third parties. Bill-Sookie-Eric, Bill-Sookie-Sam, Eric-Sookie-Quinn and I all love them from a stand point. Also Sookie have more adventures that our beloved Bella in Twilight. In life, in bed, in men and in friendship and she's also magical. Oh yeah I was shock too, but not too much. With that being said she acquired so many scars. She got beaten up so many times, got shot at, stabbed, etc...
As far the the HBO series, I haven't really seen any episode yet but I'm waiting for the complete season 1 to finish and I'm sure going to buy it when it gets out. I heard it's like a version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but the setting is more out of the woods, yeah since the location is in country side Louisiana.
Random editorial reviews from other magazines, websites and authors:
"The Characters are drawn with great skill, and the books in the series, including this newest title, are addicting... an excellent read, although a stormy night may conjure up more than the reader expected."~ (All together Dead)
"With... an audacious wink of her eye, Harris creates a world that is both a weird possibility and wild ride." ~ The Anniston (AL) Star
"Keeps you guessing and utterly intrigued. Harris makes combining suspense, the paranormal, and romance looks easy." ~ (Definitely Dead) Romantic Times (Top Pick)
There, it gives the adult fans of Stephanie Meyer to think about.

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