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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb

Helen died 130 years ago as a young woman. Unable to enter heaven because of a sense of guilt she carried at death, she has been silent and invisible but conscious and sociable across the generations. Her spirit has been sustained by its attachment to one living human host after another, including a poet and, most recently, a high-school English teacher. While she sits through his class one day, she becomes aware of James and he–unlike the mortals all around them–is aware of her as well. James, who also died years earlier, inhabits the body of a contemporary teen, Billy. James and Helen fall in love, he shows her how to inhabit the body of a person whose spirit has died but who still lives and breathes, and the two begin to unfold the mysteries of their own pasts and those of their adolescent hosts. Jenny, whose body Helen now uses, is the only child of strict religious parents who controlled her beyond what her spirit could endure. Billy's spirit left his body after a string of tragedies resulting from drug abuse and domestic violence. James and Helen court in both modern and old-fashioned ways; here is a novel in which explicit sex is far from gratuitous or formulaic. Whitcomb writes with a grace that befits Helen's more modulated world while depicting contemporary society with sharp insight.
Do you believe in ghost? If you were to ask me, I've no idea. I haven't seen any apparitions and haven't sensed one by far. I do believe that we have soul. How about heaven? Certainly but I'm not sure if it is what I picture it to be. This book by Laura Whitcomb has a beautiful ending, a Light finding her peace and literally a soulmate. LOL. Whitcomb made a character that will grow on you as they developed through out the book. it challenges each one of us not to take love for granted. It has that unique theme. the first 4 Chapters was abit mediocre but once it catch up it becomes a page turner. It puts me on the edge to find out the life of the body that they dwell in and it surprises me.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I have been interested in this book for awhile. Interesting thoughts. I have a hard time with reading ghost stories because I don't believe in ghosts, but nevertheless, this book intrigues me.

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