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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer

For Jethro...
Dave Pelzer shares his unforgettable story of the many abuses he suffered at the hands of his alcoholic mother and the averted eyes of his neglectful father. Someone with no one to turn to, his dreams barely kept him alive. Through each of his struggles, readers will find themselves enduring his pain, comforting his loneliness and fighting for his will to survive.
This book is one of the reasons why I do not read much autobiographies. Other than crying in movies I cry for books like this. I take the whole story very seriously, I feel their pain, their joy, their frustrations, their hopes, etc. So far this is one of the most powerful, inspiring, and heart breaking book that I've ever read. When I read this 2 years ago I couldn't finish it, from what I have remembered this happened when Dave was 5 -12 years old. A autobiography about a hild being tortured by his own mother is just sick. Renaming your child as "IT" is all kinds of wrong. Asking your child to lie on top of the stove burning his flesh, feeding him ammonia because he has to steal food because he hasn't been fed for days, was just disgusting. I consider the whole child abuse as effed up as the Saw movies or whatever it is considered at the same level. And what kind of a father just resigns to the fact that your wife is a mother from hell? How can a father stand by and watch his son get tortured physically and emotionally? I have to put down the book after the drunk mother stabbed Dave by the chest and continued treating him as an animal. I consider this a hard read. A complete nightmare from another child being shared. I finished after a month of hiatus. I need to know what happened to Dave, and I was very glad about the ending... Until my co-worker told me that he have 3 other books. But no sorry Jethro, I am not reading the other two, so let me know how that goes for you after you finish this first one.
The same level of emotions and a similar child abuse story can be seen on the movie "An American Crime" another true story of how the child named Sylvia Likens got murdered. Starring Ellen Paige (Juno)

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