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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bachelorette Party by Karen McCullah Lutz

Zadie Roberts was literally left standing at the altar by her now famous soap-star fiance. Even though it was more than six months ago, the last thing she wanted was to be associated with anything bridal. So, when her best friend, Grey, announces that he is engaged to Zadie's conservative and beautiful cousin, Helen, Zadie's life hits a new low--he wants Zadie to get Helen to loosen up a little at the bachelorette party. Not even sure if the prim and proper Helen knows how to have fun, Zadie reluctantly promises to show her a good time. But when the posh, sedate party goes off track and Helen throws her good-girl image out the window for a night of drinking, debauchery, and maybe even one last fling, Zadie is sure this wasn't what Grey had in mind and is torn as to what to tell him about Helen's behavior. Don't look for more than an easy read, mindless fun, and proof that women can be just as raunchy as men.
I looove Zadie. She's crazy, she's sarcastic, she's fun and she is cool. I share the sour feelings for Helen, she's a total fake (but later on agreed with Zadie too, when she finally came out with the truth with Grey, about Cancun). I was amused when I found out Jane was actually a call girl instead of a Flight Attendant. I wonder, is there really such hotel in Beverly Hills that cater to this girls? (I wouldn't doubt it if there was) not to judge or anything just plain curious. Betsy Big Ass reminds me of someone I knew in high school. Marcia and Kim, hmmm... typical suburban wife. Skinny and Snotty, stereotypes. Eloise was equally annoying and indespicable as Helen. Grey was such a romantic but clearly an idiot. Trevor was your typical boy next door hormone crazed crush who you just have to fantasize about. Mike would be your perfect destiny, if you were Zadie. Jack, obviously a complete air head. The Bachelorette party was one quirky and very entertaining read. From having breakfast at the hotel to Kundalini Yoga to drinking by the pool meeting men who turned out to be perverts to scooping up Hustler and buying erotic stuff to riding the bull, clubbing in a prestigious club down to Chippendale's my kind of story. Thank God Lutz lived up to her title and was completely head on with the story. The novel was non-stop laughs and if you're prude you might find the leg press scene vulgar or offensive. This book is far from being in the category of "dirty", there was no blow-by-blow description of a sexual act. There was colorful languages though but i'm here for the story and that's what really counts for me.
P.S - The cover was horrible :(

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