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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Candy Girl by Diablo Cody

A copy typist by day in Minnesota, Cody was hardly a likely candidate for entering an amateur stripping contest. But her curiosity got the best of her and, encouraged by her boyfriend, enter she did. The contest left her with an increased curiosity about the profession, and Cody decided to take an evening job stripping at Schieks, a local club. There Cody learns the ins and outs of stripping--how to catch a client's attention, how much the house takes, how some nights are highly profitable and others leave a stripper in debt to the club. Eventually Cody outgrows Schieks and moves on to Deja Vu, a bigger club that's much faster paced. A promotion at her day job forces her to give up stripping temporarily, but before long she's back in the adult entertainment business, this time stripping behind glass in an emporium.
Now I'm sure you've all heard of Diablo Cody right? writer of Juno. yeah that's her and this was her story. I am not exactly prudent and I think strippers are waay cool. They express themselves that I considered art and it also earns them money for college, food, clothing, shelter, or whatever. And I support them me, husband and his friends go to strip joints just of the heck of it, not to diss them of their career choices nor judge them whatsoever. The stripper theme is not what I don't like about the book. In fact Diablo Cody used words that made me check my dictionary. But I am not really crazy about her writing style.The book was an eye opener like the laying spread-eagled on a stage while college guys sprayed your vagina with water pistols. Whoa! Ok cutting the chase now, it was her, she did stripping because she was bored with her too ordinary life she decided to try the amateur night and decided to make a career out of it for a year? If she was in dire need of money it would have been a different story, it this was just strictly for reasearch in the first place and she got sucked in really bad, that would have work for me. And there were parts of the book that I feel like she's trying hard to be edgy. I am disappointed. A quick read, and probably worth reading.

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