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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews

Interior decorator Keeley Rae Murdock has designed her whole life, right down to the antique Oriental rug planned for the foot of her bed. What she never counted on was discovering her fiancé, A.J. Jernigan, cavorting with her maid of honor in the middle of her rehearsal dinner. She pitches a hissy fit that reverberates through her tiny hometown of Madison, Ga., and captures the attention of Will Mahoney, a newcomer who recently purchased an antebellum plantation house. Headstrong, freckled Will pressures Keeley to restore the rundown mansion within six months. His plan: to woo a woman whom he has seen only on television by designing the house of her dreams by Christmas. Keeley knows it's an insane plan, but the Jernigans are now trying to put her out of business, so she begrudgingly accepts. As the house comes together, Keeley discovers links between the Jernigan legacy of infidelity and her mother's disappearance many years ago. Darker than the book's fluffy title suggests, this black comedy is riven with shocking secrets. And Keeley's vast knowledge of all things antique offers a fascinating peek into the luscious world of designer home furnishing, sure to make readers drool with envy over sideboards and sofas.
Fun but rather disappointing...
The first 3 chapters were promising, after Keeley threw the hissy fit of the century when she found her groom to be doing the deed with her maid of honor/best friend the country club was trashed. I wouldn't blame her and I thought she's going to do something even crazier after that, you know live her life make a f it list of stuff to do or something equally drastic, this is after all entitled Hissy Fit. But no, instead Andrews led me into the world of interior designing. It's an interesting insight I get to imagine antique cherry on cherry study and some other interesting furniture description. Then the story suddenly revolves around her career as such and her quest to find her missing mother, which was actually depressing. And what happened to the ending? It was so rushed like she ran out of ideas and all of a sudden she just ended it with the most predictable of all endings. That was the most disappointing part. Too bad the characters have really interesting personalities. I think the story would have been great if she have stuck to the original idea.

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