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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hannah's Story:

Just like any young girl in love, Hannah Tramont thinks she and Bret will be together forever, even after she learns he is a vampire. But when he leaves Hannah for fellow vampire Tressie, the fiancé who broke his heart one hundred years before, Hannah suddenly fears for her life.Tressie is not the only one who dislikes Hannah. When Bret's gang decides she knows too much about their hangouts and weak points, they decide they want to do away with her. Just in the nick of time, Hannah receives a scholarship to Cambridge University in England and leaves San Francisco immediately.
As she settles into a new life across the ocean, and begins a new relationship, Hannah finally starts to feel safe from Bret and his family of vampires. In this suspenseful tale of romantic vampire love gone wrong, Hannah soon learns that her past is destined to catch up with her ... no matter how far she runs.
Can anyone think of a more lamer title? And the most horrible book cover? I dare you beat this book's aesthetic. Vampires again? Don't I ever get tired of reading it? NO!!! Are you people ever get tired of watching the freaking CSI? The show has so many franchise, CSI NY, CSI Vegas, CSI Miami, snore... see what I mean? I stumbled upon this book on my cyberfriend Precious said they sell cheaper e-books so I checked it out and I saw this. I laughed when I saw the title but I learned not to judge the book by its cover so I read the back blurb, it sounds good enough for a $5.00 book so I bought it. The premise was pretty normal. Vamp finds Girl, Girl fell for Vamp, Bitch ex-girlfriend gets into the picture, Vamp boy did something stupid, Girl did not understand so she tried moving on. I would say this is ok for a short novel (140 pages) it was fast paced, the present was entwined with the memories of the past, no unnecessary character backgrounds and the plot was maintained. I don't agree with the title though because the Vamp dies and she had moved on, so the forever part does not really fit. It's either Spudich can't think of a title or she just decided to wing it and hope that nobody gives a hoof. Good but not great.

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