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Monday, June 15, 2009

Draco trilogy 1 -Dormiens by Cassandra Clare

A very late review.
Thanks to Claire Ramos also known as Purplycookie for sharing her file with me.
This fanfiction is AU: Alternate Universe. It was written in the year following Goblet of Fire and does not incorporate material from OOTP, HBP or J.K Rowling's fansite, all of which is post-date it. it posits a universe in which Sirius is still alive, and so i Dumbledore; Fudge remains Minister of Magic, Luna Lovegood does not exist, Blaise Zabini is a girl, Ginny's full name is Viginia and so on.
This is definitely one heck of a fanfiction. the best that I have ever read and I thought "A Secret Worth Keeping" was the best, clearly I haven't been researching much. Thanks to a cyberfriend who share the same affinity of harry Potter fever, I was introduced to this one. being a Harry Potter fanatic, the idea of Draco Malfoy being so human, with emotions and mushy words makes me gag, It just wasn't right, for me he would always be a bad guy a coward and as they say a 'git', that was before and the more I read into the book the more I appreciate Clare's bold move into writing this fanfic. The sighing was lessened. For one, Sirius is alive and happy (I think) to be married with Narcissa Malfoy and Dumbledore continues to be a guiding light to Harry and to the rest of our beloved characters. I love the dialogues, some were pulled from other equally amazing reads and from Buffy, call me a girl but I love her. Malfoy's new personality earned so many brownie points in my book. He reminds me Eric Northman in Southern Vampire Novels. Snarky, Dark, Awfully Romantic, Sarcastic, Straight forward and equally blonde and hot. Draco here is definitely my Eric in the wizarding world. I love the twist. And the semi-adult content was really favorable.

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