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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Draco Sinister by Cassandra Clare

This very dark and alternative universe of Harry Potter is really really good. 996 pages, wow now that's what book pages should be. The thicker the better. Claire did another spectacular job. The book centers of course of Draco Malfoy, battling the evil inside him with goodness that came from the ones he now called friends. Harry, Hermoine, Ron and Ginny. I love the bickering of Ron and Draco, the very sarcastic dialogues and the smug reactions. The constant lines from Buffy, Blackadder and Angel fits perfectly. This 2nd book explores more about the Four Founders of Hogwarts. Something that I was watching for on the Harry Potter books but never really got emphasize. The Heir business was very appealing. I wish Draco and Ginny is destined fro each other, I'm getting the Twilight love triangle between Harry-Hermoine-Draco, really I do not want that happening here, everything's so good, I don't want Hermoine getting all the love, she needs to share. LOL. Some of these doesn't make sense anymore, why? I'm sorry I'm really itching to read the last book now. Ciao!

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