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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Draco Veritas by Cassandra Clare


Pheeewwww... that was a loooong read. 2 weeks before I finish it. I must say the book doesn't deserve to be written that long. There was too many unnecessary scenes. But that did not make me read it less. I love the books.

If you think the Potter books got darker towards the ending, think again, this book is probably 25x darker than that. In here comes a very complicated lives of our beloved teenage wizards. There was killing or should I say decapitating, jealousy, betrayal and lots and lost of drama. But there is also an equal amount of comedy, sarcasm, mystry, thrill, adventure and love. This is very Cassandra Clare, I was so surprised to have read the story of a boy and his pet Falcon, and I mean the exact same story (if you have read the Immortal Instruments) from Jace's childhood with Valentine. the book is full of emotions, you can tell how the author loves this character so much that she showed how beautiful their flaws are. I am saddened by Pasny Parkinson's Death. I find Passionate Trousers immensely funny, the complicated relationship of Draco and Ginny extremely intriguing and Lucius' damn to hell fatherly practices (as he thinks) disgusting, I found it hard to symphatize with Hermione at this book, she seems to smart, too honest and too nice for her own good but she even all those traits shown her were impressive. I did not really agree with the ending, she seems to ran out of ideas, for such a long book I was expecting more on the ending, but I think I can let go of that, after all I have read so many adventures. A book that I wish has never ended until they are with families, and career...


Anonymous said...

Where can I find it? I've looked for it like everywhere! I'm also looking for Draco Sinister... Can you help me please? It will mean a lot for me, Thanks.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

I believe this used to be shared in public, but I guess when Clare got published she asked the novels to be taken down. It was e-mailed to me when it went out. Unfortunately that e-mail has been long gone. Sorry I couldn't be of further help. :(

Jace from City of Bones have the very same story of childhood from a Draco here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering anyway! Really? I've also read The City of Bones and never realized the relation between Draco and Jace... hahahah :)

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