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Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

Latina Ivy League grad Milagro de Los Santos can't find her place in the world or a man to go with it. Then one night, at a book party for her pretentious ex-boyfriend, she meets an oddly attractive man. After she is bitten while kissing him, she falls ill and is squirreled away to his family's estate to recover. Vampires don't exist in this day and age — or do they? As Milagro falls for a fabulously inappropriate man, she finds herself caught between a family who has accepted her as one of their own and a shady organization that refuses to let the undead live and love in peace.

reference/where to buy: Barnes and Nobel,

*laughing out loud* Hilarious book. I love the F.U Alumna, Snappy comeback, Wordsmith, Sexy, Vampire heroine. -Milagro de Los Santos. Granting she does suck on picking beaus, so who doesn't in the past? I like her. She's not too obscene, too timid, too pathetic or too wild and she doesn't seem to wallow so much in self pity after she was turned - unlike most vampire ladies that I read. She has the right amount of spunk.

The men in this book did not disappoint too. Oswaldo (granting the name sounds funny) was dreamy. Sam is a perfect gentleman and evil hot ex-flame Sebastian Beckett-Witherspoon is my kind of villain. Is it just me or is there someone out there that kind of wished / still wishing that Sebastian will sometime snap out of his delirious murderous state and realize that he is indeed inlove with Milagros but was too coward and too ambitious and probably too brainwashed to admit it? No? - ok yeah maybe that's just me. Sebastian was my favorite until granddad and fiance caught him with his pants down, literally. He suddenly seems so small...

It's a refreshing break from my typical "I am a vampire, see me roar" heroines.This is my first Acosta book experience, definitely worth the money. Truly funny with the equal amount of heartbreak and romance.

Happy Reading.

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1 comment:

Jazz R.J. said...

Wow this sounds like a fun book. I really want to read it now. Great review.

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