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Friday, September 11, 2009

New TV Seasons

Summer is almost over. Thank You, I'd have enough of this heat. I love Septembers, because that means start of new TV seasons. I am getting back on the loop, I had been elbow deep in reading that I have neglected the plasma. I don't really watch a lot of TV, I am more a movie person. But i do have some favorite shows that I keep tabs on. the first one just had a Season 5 pilot last night.

Supernatural Season 5 - Symphaty for the Devil

After Sam's stupidity the Winchesters are back and they have brought Lucifer with them. I have missed Dean and I am glad that he is still hot. LOL. I am glad that the exchange of dialogues still has the wit and sarcasm that I find really hilarious.

Sam has a new crazy fan. Bobby got possessed which was shock, then when the demon that invaded his body was about to slit Dean's throat he suddenly snapped and stabbed himself, awesome will power. Then there's the usual bro-mance drama of Sam and Dean, really I love how they really care for each other. Oh and did I tell you that Castiel exploded into pieces when Chuck's Archangel came into his house and then he suddenly showed up, alive and kicking arse's of other angels and threatening Zacharia to leave Dean and Sam alone. Obviously the greater heavens are probably at work. Then it ended with Lucifer asking permission from a dude that he taunted and brainwashed so he can use him as his vessel.

A very good start, I cannot wait for what's in store. When will Dean allow Michael to enter his body? or will he really? What first horror will Satan do against the world? has anyone heard anything? Please let me know what will happen next, I don't mind an advance summary/speculation on what will happen.

Vampire Diaries

I was just browsing on youtube (2minutes ago)- I got this video above and I've already seen some violent reactions. Apparently the Twilighters are enraged and the Vampire Diaries fan are defending the turf. I agree with the VD people. This is nothing like Twilight. I love the saga with all the love of Edward to Bella, but with that kind of plot VD is how I want it. I like em darker. Plus this was written way back from 06, so hello stop hatin'. There's also True Blood vs. Vampire Diaries. there's a fair amount of hating and loving there. Personally I am a bit disappointed with the Tv series of true Blood, they have butchered the novel and the casting was all wrong. Sookie is so clingy to Bill. Eric is portrayed as this deceitful vampire and Sam is being haunted by a Maenad? Ugh! they were supposed to have hot sex. Seriously sometimes the visual renditions ruin everything.

So back tot he topic at hand.  Surprisingly the pilot episode is not as horrid as I think it is going to be. I like the casting. The hottie playing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is perfection, I wish he stays evil until Elena get ressurected from the dead like the book. Do you think the TV show will follow the book plot? Anyway, Elena (Nina Dobrev) portrays a good Elena eventhough she is not blonde as what I have always imagined.

As far as the book vs. TV comparison. Of course they tweaked it. there's no Meredith, which is a disappointment, Matt and Vicki are siblings, Elena has a brother instead of a sister and they have showed Damon way to early. But I am glad that Tyler is still an ass and that Caroline is as vapid both in the books and on TV. Sadly I will not watch this TV show, I was just curious. The whole thing is too teeny boopy-ish for my taste. I wish them more power though.

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