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Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday Night TV shows

Last night was probably the most exciting night of TV shows. Yes, I am talking about the return of my beloved Grey’s Anatomy, I knew George will be dead, but damn Lexi for giving me hope that it’s not him and he is probably somewhere and not so mangled and brain dead. As expected I consumed half a box of Kleenex. I am beginning to suspect that Chief Surgeon is going to betray someone, the merging with Mercy West will be chaotic, I can already picture it. the writers have decided to move in with our tough economic times, I just hope the politics side of the hospital will remain hidden, I am so not interested in men wearing black suits waving the financial stat of a hospital. The question remains: Will Izzy really beat cancer? Who’s going to get laid off? Is Derek really the choice to be the next chief, or it is a diversion? Will the other resident and interns call Miranda Nazi again?

I go this clip though

Now because of all that warm welcome-back to Grey’s Anatomy, I temporarily forgot about Dean and Sam, I didn’t even change the channel to peak at them when it was commercial. I cannot believe that Grey have that much effect on me!!! To top it all off, we are probably the only household in America that doesn’t have TiVo. LOL. I never really feel the need to until last night. So what happened? is this the episode when Jessica made an appearance? Did Sam met Lucifer yet? What did Dean do on the first hunt without Sammy? Pllllleeeeeasssse I am begging anyone give me the gist, or point me to a link where I can watch it. Does CW have video episodes?

Lastly, I am glad that Ugly Betty is no longer following before Grey’s and that I think I found my 3rd TV show on a Thursday night. ABC premiered a new series entitled Flashforward. The premise was people all over the world lost consciousness at the exact same time getting a snippet of their future (6 months ahead) for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds, the craziest part, FBI agent’s (who I will soon remember the names, as I wasn’t really paying attention on that detail) saw one dude awake and walking while everybody else was on the ground. How exciting!!! whoever ok’d this show and created it (which again would have to be acknowledged later) is a total genius. Looking forward to the next episodes.

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