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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vampire Kisses Books 2-6 by Ellen Schreiber

  • Kissing Coffins - In search for her Vampire love, Goth girl Raven sets too to visit her Aunt in a place she calls Hipsterville. But instead of only bringing Alexander back, she also bought the harbinger of chaos, Alexander's nemesis - Jagger, brother of Luna, Alexander's ex-fiancĂ©.
 Fun, quick read for a boring night with no good show on TV or while waiting for the books that you have ordered to arrive. Don't expect a great mystery though.

  •  Vampireville - This is where this series get better. Not only Raven pretends to be a vampire bonded to Alexander for eternity she is now acting as Nancy Drew while looking for the hidden lair of the nefarious Maxwell twins. Arch-enemy Trevor got entangled in this vampire revenge, Luna- vampire teen who got stood up by the altar was planning to take Trevor as his mate. Or is that really the plan? Once again join Raven and her cohorts in this enjoyable read.

 I wish that Schreiber would let at least one other mortal character finds out that Alexander is indeed a child of the night so Raven won't be burdened with all the secrets.

  • Dance with a Vampire - The Maxwell twins fled town, our resident Goth and Vampire wanna be Raven and her Prince of the Night Alexander has finally free of stress - not!. Young brother of the Maxwell twins -Valentine decided to show up. Is he as evil as his older brother Jagger? What exactly is his plan for Raven's own - Billy?

 While Schreiber like to call Alexander our resident vampire, he still remains the less appealing character in this book. I am bored reading the parts that he's in it, unless it involves the sly Trevor. When Alexander's said Trevor is more like a vampire than him. I agreed. No kidding. Alexander's character needs to step up, I am beginning to think of him as a loser and rooting more on Trevor-Raven angst.

Books 2-6 is part of my 3-4-5 Reading Challenge

  •  Coffin Club - School is out! Alexander took off leaving Raven at Dullsville. it's not what you think, he took off to bring his nemesis young brother back to him. But being Raven she had to see Alexander, so she set off to have a summer at her Aun Libby's place back in Hipsterville. Drawn to this Gothic bar named Coffin Club she decided to visit it once more. Two things: to see if Jagger is still in town and to belong. It was her dream club only she discovered something much more underground- or should I say unworldly. Lurking behind locked door was the real Coffin Club, where vampires party and just be themselves. There's a mystery though, who is this Phoenix person? What is he planning to do? And most of all how is she ever going to tell Alexander on what she knows?
With a surprising turn of events, I finally find Alexander interesting. But only at the last part of this book. Better late than never.

  • Royal Blood - After a summer of adventure, it was time to go back to school. It was bliss. No more Maxwell siblings to ruin the day, no more vampire planning to take over Hipsterville. But then Alexander got a mail from his parents saying that they are coming home. His parents are the classic vampires with cape and all. There's also a great change. Raven is maturing she started thing about career. She and Becky see eye to eye too. And let's not forget about her Arch-nemesis Trevor.
Overall, a good read. But really it is for the younger ones. Everything seems incomplete. When Raven ask Alexander to bite her again he said it is not time yet. But without further explanation. it also lacks the suspense that I get from most teen vampire novel and this is already the 6th book.?  I think it's time I say goos bye to this series.


brizmus said...

I gave up on Supernatural a while back, but after this clip, I might pick it up again.
And I'm sad to see that the Ellen Schreiber books aren't as great as they could be.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Hi brizmus. ys try watching it again. Who could threaten the end of the world better than Lucifer himself. LOL

Shanyn said...

Hmmm I am still not convinced. I haven't read a lot of vampire novels (just the Twilight series and part of the True Blood books)... I do really enjoy books that have so many in the series. I think I am going to try Vampire Academy before these.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Hi shanyn yeah this book drags too much. Lemme know about Vampire Academy. It's been in my tbr forever.

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