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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz


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author's web: Melissa De L Cruz

Within New York City’s most elite families, there lurks a secret society of celebrated Americans whose ancestors sailed on the Mayflower. They are the powerful and the wealthy—and in fact, they are not human. They are the Blue Bloods, an ancient group of vampires.

Schuyler Van Alen has never fit in at Duchesne, her prestigious New York City private school. She prefers baggy, vintage clothes instead of the Prada and pearls worn by her classmates, and she lives with her reclusive grandmother in a dilapidated mansion. Schuyler is a loner—and happy that way.

But when she turns fifteen, Schuyler’s life changes dramatically. She has a mosaic of blue veins on her arms, and craves raw meat. The death of a popular girl from Duchesne is surrounded by a mystery that haunts her. And strangest off all, Jack Force, the most popular boy in school, is showing a sudden interest in her.

Schuyler wants to find out the secrets the Blue Bloods are keeping. But is she herself in danger?

Welcome to the world of the rich, glamorous and New Yorker vampires. Now I see why some people see this as a fashion spread disguised as a vampire YA novel. There's vast name drop on everything designer and everything that has to do with being glamorous. For me, there is nothing wrong with that. It just shows how Schuyler, Mimi, Jack, Bliss and the rest of the blood sucking colony can live a life as a human. It was actually greatly entertaining. Like watching "Devil wears Prada". Lol.

The vampires in this book sounds like they are really immortal (in a sense). They are not the conventional stake evading kind, nor allergic of garlic, not even the "they-will-be-reduce-to-ashes-when-expose-to-sunlight", and they definitely don't sparkle. They are like humans only better. They also die as a human, where they seem to rest for a long time and then they reincarnate into another version of themselves. The only thing that puts them out of commission is this Silver Bloods. I've heard of this concept before (minus the Silver Blood part). The moment I heard about the stages of vampirism, The Order of Aset Ka immediately comes to mind. Here’s a little something from that book for your curiosity:

"The vampires of the House of Aset, the Order of Aset Ka, are not vampires from fiction or myth, nor are they new-age psychic vampires alike. They belong to a very specific metaphysical breed, or otherkin bloodline, born thousands of years ago. Long dead and reborn, in an ever-changing world, their souls linger forever and, in silence, they walk among us."

- Asetian Bible, Public Version, 2007

But that's for another review. Sorry for the segue, going back to Blue Blood. So yeah. I like it. I am definitely adding this to my collection of vampire series. The only complaint I have really is Schuyler's personality. I cannot decide whether she's interesting enough, insecure, or borderline lame. I need to know her better.

Looking forward to book 2... in a few minutes.

1 comment:

Lucía said...

Oh, I loved this book, I can't wait to read the third and the last one :) Thanks for your opinion!

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