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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review: Code of Destiny by Sara Enochs


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Ava Ballantyne has a unique and special gift. A gift so powerful that she's not even allowed to share it with her closest friends. She knows that if this information fell into the wrong hands, the consequences could be dire.

At every turn there are those who want to learn her secrets. It's only natural for them to be curious about a woman who is not only deeply connected to an age-old secret society, but who's also being pursued by a telepathic CIA agent.

Join Ava as she daydreams about the past and begins to understand our future by reinventing her own life story, in The Code of Destiny.

What exactly is this rare and extraordinary talent that Ava has? And a CIA telephatic agent? That was the most intriguing questions pertaining to this book and that itslef has keep me reading. A story that intertwined with the past and the present. At first I wasn't sure if I am going to like the protagonist. Ava Ballantyne was your typical control freak / Type A next door neighbor (or not) a death in her family will expalin why she is acting the way she is. I think everyone can relate to Ava. Her story was of  family, personal demons, adventure, loss and one one handles grief and history. A magical and heart warming story.
This is the first book in the Code Series.

I got my copy at Bostick Communications

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