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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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I wasn't satisfied with the first book of Bewitching series but my friends tell me it get interesting so I got the 2nd book. The Touch of Dead. I was disappointed when I found out that this is not the 10th book, but are back stories as long as I have Eric-Sookie to read. i'll take it. And my last purchase for this week. Book 2 of Septimus Heap. I am loving it, intriguing plot and full of magyk.


Released this August, a Sci-Fi novel about the Bermuda Triangle. I am very excited.
(This is book was send by Bostick Communications and C.P Stewart)


~Jennifer~ said...

I recently finished the first and second bewitching mystery and I agree with your friends. The second one does get more interesting and things start moving at a more enjoyable speed.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Thanks for reading Jen. I am now a follower. Reading with tequilla, sounds interesting.

ladystorm said...

I am just now getting into the Sookie Stackhouse series. I have been watching True Blood and just found out they are books so I have the first one coming from Paperback Swap and I can't wait to read and see how different it is from the HBO series.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

@ladystorm - i'm excited for you. I am positive that you will like Sookie. My absolute favorite is Eric Northman (on the book) is is absolutely awesome. You'll see why. I am not so much of the true Blood fan but i still atch it anyways :)

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