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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Movie Review: New Moon

It's finally here. I am not a hardcore fan of the movie but I am supporting it in honor of the book.
New Moon is definitely a step up from the Twilight movie the CG, the director, the new addition of actors, the scenes shot in Italy scream "now we have the budget to redeem this movie".
While I resent Director Chris Weitz on how he ended the movie,
I love him for doing so. The ending had a killer cliff hanger that for someone who chose not to read the books, they will now surely buy and read it.
The actions scenes were bad ass. The one where the wolf pack chases Victoria, I like that, especially the slow motion shots. I heard people are complaining that there aren't that many action scenes, well duh! if you want more action you should have watched Law Abiding Citizen or whatever movie that fits the bill.
The movie was 2 hrs. 10 minutes long, as far as I'm concerned they made the important scenes.
The actors, (here we go) ---> RPatz as Edward? I still stand to my previous opinion. NOT Edward Material. Last night there was a ridiculous debate about Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, while a lot rooted for Jacob at the first half of the movie then others went back to Edward at the end, most stayed with Jacob, why? well... I did talk to some people. I took this review seriously by interviewing some, yes and these are the answers that I got.
...because Edward left Bella.
...because when Jacob gaze into Bella's eyes, my friends and I melt
...because Jacob is Taylor Lautner - that body, that abs, my libido went haywire, and it goes on...
Whoever did RPatz make up really made him look dead and it should be because after all he is plays the role of a vampire but it was too cakey; Emmet's, Jasper and Carlisle even the Volturi's men doesn't look as gross compared to Edward's. Not only that RPatz looks scrawny / malnourish besides Taylor. I mean RPatz shouldn't be as buff but dude, it wouldn't hurt if he puts on a little more weight / muscle. And jeez the acting, so unromantic, insincere and boring. Maybe Edward's character is really hard to act out but surely someone can do better than him.
I only stayed Team Edward because he is a vampire and that he redeemed himself in Eclipse.
If hotness is concerned not doubt I am Team Jacob.
Ok, enough about RPatz, let's move on to Bella. KStew - I love her. Something about her awkwardness and anti-social nature draws me. I adjust well in weirdness. But her acting was all wrong too but at the same time I don't know who else can play the perfect Bella.
Alice played by AshG remains my favorite Cullen she's so cute and AshG played the part.
The Wolf pack too was the crowds favorite. yes there is a lot of man boobs in this movie, although the females are not perverted they did wish their man posses the same physique. Not me I think it's way too much but I agree they were HOT!
Please tell me you guys notice Alex Meraz the guy who played Paul? I almost had a heart attack when he did that side glance and said sorry to Bella. hahaha
The Volturi were awesome too. Lucian, I mean Aro played by Michael Sheen is as eerie as he is in books. Dakota Fanning as Jane looks as bitchy, intimidating and powerful as her role.
So over all I rate the movie B-

How about you guys? What's you take?

Looking forward to June 20, 2010 :)
Here the first Eclipse poster.

This review is part of my Vampire Challenge 2009

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ladystorm said...

I thought the movie was okay, I like the humor the put into it to keep it easy to watch. I am a huge Team Jacob fan because I just can't stand the guy that plays Edward he is not cute at all! My favorite Cullens is Carlisle, he is so adorable and I love Alice too who

Here is my review I put some of the funny thing that happened in the theater on

PeaceLove&Pat said...

hey stormi, I read your review.
I also shared my similar funny observations.

Aside from a million 'oh-my-god' and fan girl screams when we were finally ushered inside the theater, The Jacob- taking his shirt part to wipe Bella's blood. I have the similar experience, I can't help but laugh out loud. I got a few funny states because of that. I also have a gay couple beside me and their gasps were heavier than the ladies, they must have realized that I find them amusing, one of them gave me a wink. hahaha

Oh and get this there was this guy who got paid $25.00/hr all he did was fall in line for someone else until it's movie time. Crazy.

Thanks for sharing your review and funny moments.

The Book Vixen said...

I agree about RobPat being casted as Edward. They could have done so much better. They should have used Paul Wesley - the guy who plays Stefan on Vampire Diaries. This is totally Jacob's movie. And I say that without having seen the movie yet. LOL! I may see it tomorrow. If not, hopefully next weekend.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

I agree. It is a Jacob movie, actor and plot wise. I am pretty sure you will swoon and dream of Jacob for a loooong time after this movie. hahaha.
Thanks for stopping by

Rex Robot Reviews said...

AWESOME awesome awesome review. I loved reading your thoughts. (I also love you for posting the picture of Jacob and his weres.)

I loved the books, wasn't a huge fan of the first movie... so in all honesty, I'm seeing the second movie for Taylor Lautner. He is such a cutie... And by cutie I mean gorgeous piece of meat. ;]

PeaceLove&Pat said...

RRR. Thanks. You should go watch it stat. Oh and if you popcorn get a super size drink if you. I don't want you choking everytime Jacob flex his muscles. And get lots if tissue to wipe the drool. Lol. Same advise goes to thebookvixen. Lol. Can't wait for your reaction, girls.

Rex Robot Reviews said...

LOL, all the perverted jokes that came to my mind when you brought up choking.

I will definitely have a towel/drink ready for when I'm drooling/choking. haha... Oh, I can't wait to see it after I read your review- I was going to wait... probably not now. Haha!

ParaJunkee said...

Hey totally agree with you regarding the make-up. But I have to say it was pretty bad on most the vamps. Drew you into the eyes though. Edward looked very scrawny compared to Jacob - but I think they emphasized that on purpose.

Oh you know what I forgot in my review - the "Alice Vision" when they are in front of the Volturi. It literally had people cracking up in the theater. Wasn't that too Pollyanna? That should have been done a bit differently.

The cliffhanger at the end actually had the "non book readers" gasping. Which also cracked me up. I mean who hasn't read these books!!!!

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