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Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: Fade Out (Morganville Vampires 8) by Rachel Caine


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Without the evil vampire Bishop ruling over the town of Morganville, the resident vampires have made major concessions to the human population. With their newfound freedoms, Claire Danvers and her friends are almost starting to feel comfortable again... Now Claire can actually concentrate on her studies, and her friend Eve joins the local theatre company. But when one of Eve's castmates goes missing after starting work on a short documentary, Eve suspects the worst. Claire and Eve soon realize that this film project, whose subject is the vampires themselves, is a whole lot bigger-and way more dangerous-than anyone suspected.

Welcome back to Morganville. A small town in Texas ruled by vampires. Last book we witnessed how violent and inhumane other vampires were a.k.a Bishop and his crew compared to our resident vamps lead by Oliver, Myrnin and our founder Amelie. It was after Bishop's final demise, I was afraid that our little town won't be as interesting after all that thrill and chaos. I am so glad that did not happen. Book 7, Fade Out introduce us to new characters/villains and a whole new problems. Morley a stench-y (probably germ friendly), demented vampire threatened to kill our Claire, Shane, Eve, Michael and Amelie by late Sam Glass' tomb. That was of course at the beginning. Soon we met Kimberlie Magness goth girl like Eve, a fellow cast member of the upcoming theater production but that's all they have in common. Claire hated her with conviction. I've never seem her so jealous, made her all human and less perfect which I like. She did why she doesn't like her. After finding evidence that Kim is a danger to everyone in Morganville. Kim is indeed a b*tch in all accounts and karma came running towards her. And then there's Ada. The vampire 2d computer brain that protects what lies in Morganville. It was a real crazy twist but nothing that you can't see coming. I guess it's inevitable to be exposed, I just never see it coming. What crazy stuffs are going to happen next? The ending as usual left me to speculate again.

Will Claire and the gang find a loop hole on the deal that she made with Morley? Will Shane and Claire do it? Is it soon? (oh c'mon, don't tell me you're not waiting), now that they were given a title, what responsibilities and perks does that entails?

Love the book, especially love the cover. Very catchy don't you think?
Claire matured and is becoming tough. Yey for that. Myrnin continued to be my favorite vampire in this book. His lack of concern (at most situation that are not dire) and sarcastic comments and bunny ear slippers are amusing but I am really concern about Amelie. A mourning leader is a bad sign, I get that she's still vicious and she proved her strength when she confronted her 2nd in command but still, she can't let her guard down, especially when there is Oliver whose been wanting to take over the town ever since he got there, humans that looks like they are about to start a rebellion and some nasty new vampires. 

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