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Friday, November 6, 2009

Review: Symptoms of a Broken Heart by Cory Cramer


where I got my copy: Cory Cramer
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When Lisa and her sister Susan celebrate Susan’s birthday by attending a Full Moon Party—a party thrown by a group of werewolf fanatics in a swamp near New Orleans--an unexpected tragedy occurs. Fearing repercussions, Lisa turns to black magic in order to cover up what happened. But keeping things under wraps isn’t as easy as Lisa thinks. Little does she know, her inner demons—and desires—will be the biggest

obstacles in keeping her sister’s death a secret.

The story starts off with Lisa paying a 20 year old tattooist named Ivan a $500 cash and maxing out her Discover card, it was an extortion but before I could actual formulate my opinion... Everything happened so fast. It was between a replay of the previous night's accident, to the present and then back to the day before. There were shape shifters, black magic and a lot of WTFs that was weird and absolutely brilliant.

I learned a new lesson. Do not judge the book by it's thickness. Symptoms of a Broken Heart only have 45 pages but the contents of each pages were intense and Cramer did not waste his time writing unnecessary bullshit. I actually wished he did just so I can keep on reading. I was shocked as the twist unfolds as I read through it. It was a full on creep fest. Graphic sex, blood - a lot of it, and the most important part of all an ending that I wasn't expecting at all. Recommended to horror - erotica fans.

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I Heart Book Gossip said...

Great review. Haven't read this yet.

Tina said...

Good review...that cover looks freaky!!!!!!!!!

elnice said...

I read this, well most of it and I did not like it. It was very hard for me to stomach. The graphic sex was too, well. I learned I am not an erotic reader.

Elie (Ellz Readz)

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