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Friday, December 18, 2009

Guest Blogger: Julia Rae of RexRobotReview

FULL NAME: Julia Rae
BIRTHDAY: September 7th
LOCATION: Maryland
Blog Content: Book Reviews

1. 3rd week into history class at PSU- My man walked in the room & I knew he was all mine. MMMM!
2. When Caleb, my youngest brother, was born. (He's 18 years younger than me.)
3. The morning I found my doggy last a box on the side of the road<3
4. The first time I played BoogerMan for Sega. My love of video games began then.
5. The first time I read Halfway to the Grave and realized that I LOVE smut... and Bones.

Our Favorite Paranormal Men

I would like to begin with thanking our stunning bloggette- Pat! for giving me the opportunity to Guest Post on her stellar blog. This is my first Guest Post, so no throwing stones! I'm nervous, hehe. I chose to talk about Our Favorite Paranormal Men because the topic is hardly tiresome. After all, sex sells, right?

So, I know some of you may not be a big hog (like myself) but I bet that doesn't stop you from enjoying those senuous scenes shared by your favorite fictional characters! I bet even the indoubious, faultless description of these *guys* makes you swoon. (Let me take a second to thank the authors who so thoroughly describe their delicious men.) Why do we crave these stunning creatures so badly in our books? Is it the idea that they're not just mere mortals?

Maybe some of the allure comes from our necessity to want a mysterious bad ass. MMMmmmm- a mysterious hardcore man. What's even better? He has an excuse for the atrocious and immoral deeds he commits. He NEEDS blood to live- his beast was uncontrollable because of the moon. Shit, no WONDER we love these paranormal men. They've got a legitimate excuse! "Honey, it wasn't me, it was the beast within me." Now if only my man had a legitimate excuse for not being able to step away from COD for the Xbox 360. I guess I can deal with that since he isn't shredding anyone's throat. For now...

Speaking of legitimate excuses- my man may be asking me for one soon because of my infatuation with a certain vampire. Remember how my dear Bloggette Pat asked about my most unforgettable moments? Enter Jeaniene Frost's perfect creation- Bones at #5. Yes, our beloved Crispin of The Night Huntress Series. Lover and Vampire extroidiare! This fleshy, luscious vampire is one of my absolute favorites. (I'm sorry, Revhenge!) It was love (lust?) at first read for Bones and I. Mysterious. Badass. Immortal. Who couldn't love this charming danger-magnet? I didn't know how much I would appreciate vampire sexin' until I read the triumphant, intimate scenes between Cat & Bones. Yes, I said triumphant. Come on, are you telling me you wouldn't call a night alone with that vampire triumphant?!

I want to know who makes you blush! Who is YOUR favorite paranormal man? Can he compare to my Bones? He's some stiff competition. (I meant that punn in the perverse way, not the undead way. Just to clear that up. ;])

Alright, alright- I'm about done! Thank you for sticking around to the end- I'm glad you were all here to witness my first Guest Post. Remember- no throwing stones and I'll stop while I'm ahead. ;)


Thanks for reading please leave a comment for Julia or if you're in Twitter, she's also know as @RexRobotReviews
Julia is also a member of Smut Slut Sisterhood


The Book Vixen said...

Hi Julia!! The pic of you and your man is so cute!

There have been a few Paranormal Men that made me blush, including the BDB Brothers. Yum yum give me some! I haven't read Cat and Bones yet but I will. Very soon. (Not soon enough though.) Reyes from Skin Game made me blush too.

Bells said...

Doode great guest blog.

My list is very long of book boyfriends as you know. I'd have to say my favorite right now is Devyn from Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter. You gotta read it!

Rex Robot Reviews said...

Hey, Ladies! =) Thanks for commenting on my guest blog. Hehe.

Book Vixen, I have got to read Skin Game! I've been dying too! AH!

Haha, yeah, BELLS, our list of book boyfriends keeps getting longer, doesn't it!? I have got to check out Miss Showalter!

Larissa said...

Awesome guest post darling!

Loved the pic, you and you man are so cute together =)))

aaaa Bones... what an amazing piece of literary genius that man is LOL

I have to say Im pretty in love with Shade from the Demonica series right now LOL =)))


Veronica said...

Love Bones, Adam from Patricia Briggs Mercy series, Jericho from KMM Fever series and finally but definitely not least, Vane from Sherrilyn Kenyon series.

And can I say ... Awww!! Cute pic!!

Rex Robot Reviews said...

Veronica! I LOVELOVE Adam from The Mercy Thompson series too <3 Haha

Tigris Eden said...

Aww I loved your post! Its was so on point with the Paranormal Men! YES

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