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Monday, December 14, 2009

Guest Blogger: KJ Hernandez of Blood Moon

FULL NAME: Katina Jewel Hernandez
BIRTH DATE: Feb 28th
BLOG CONTENT: Suppose to be about a Series I am working on but has a mind of its own.


Hmm I can go so many places dirty and clean with that option, but I will just settle for the PG well maybe a little R but not to explicit. So, I would want to first, be surrounded by a Harem full of my Book Boyfriends and they would cater to my every whim. Wraith, Rhage, and Andreas would be my main men. Then of course there would be all the rest. I would want daily bathings, and feedings. ((I soo want to be hand fed some grapes slouched over a chaise lounge)) Can you see where this is going. LOL Okay **AHEM** Reality check time. Honestly, I would love to be surrounded by my family, in a nice Tuscany Villa. Maybe do some wine tasting and eats lots of Italian ice cream. Hmm yummy. I still would want to be waited on hand and foot but by Dear Hubby whom I love dearly. I would sit out on the balcony with a glass of wine and my laptop doing what I dream of doing which is writing. Writing HOT HOT HOT Paranormal Romance Books. That would be good enough for me.


So some people are curious about who exactly is Tigris Eden well its my alter ego and she can be really saucy! ((That's all the information she will allow me(Katina) to divulge.)) Not a schizo promise! Swear I am 100% Normal. Most of the time. Well, I am going to share a little bit about my blog Blood Moon. Its really a space for me to share my journey in writing this series which I truly feel is going to be awesome! ((Hopefully some Agent/Publisher will want it)) Not gonna give away to many secrets but just a basic gist of the whole theme behind Blood Moon.

I am an avid reader and I have read some really interesting books. Now I haven't read everything and I am sure I am not the only person who has said "I wonder if there are werewolves in Alaska?" Well we now know there are Vampires in Alaska case in point Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian. **WAVES** I haven't read any werewolves in Alaska so I decided, hey why not. There are some pretty bad ass Artic Wolves out there and so I started my journey. The reason I choose Blood Moon is because of its meaning Hunters Moon and what do wolves like to do best. HUMP! **Ahem** I mean Hunt. LMAO! I had to throw that in there. So that began my journey in to the Blood Moon series. If you've checked out my Blog you would know that I posted little snippets about Victor Canidae who is the main character in the first book which is 95% complete. I even interviewed him. Just to give you a taste of his personality. (still in progress) Victor and I constantly fight over his manly attributes and it can be very frustrating. Were not on good terms right now because he's having a man moment.((Sticks tongue out)) Nerina di Bagnoregio is a badass New Yorker on the run from her mafia Uncle and picks Tolkeetna Alaska as her choice of refuge. The small little town is actually a town full of werewolves and so the fur, I mean fun begins. Both characters have a love hate relationship in the beginning as none of the towns people want "humans" around, but she's there just the same, and has an 'I don't give a fuck' attitude about it. Needless to say Victor is already paired with the Beautiful Sasha and is to be mated to her during the Summer Solstice. There is a lot going on and sorry folks no menage in this book. **SIGHS** But the sex scenes are hot let me tell ya. Right now Victor and Nerina are stuck in a cave until the ice storm is over. Since there is no getting away from one another and Nerina just had a traumatic experience there is nothing left to do but have a little meaningless sex. ((At least that's what they tell themselves)) There are all kinds of twists and turns. Then of course there is Daar and Demon two special dogs that belong to Nerina one's a Malamute and the other a Siberian Husky. You can't be in AK with out an appearance of snow dogs right. Right. I was suppose to interview Nerina as well, but she doesn't want to create a Jerry Springer moment, at least not yet. So we'll see what happens there. I haven't decided how many books are going to be in the series but I have three sketched out. Could be more and it's not just about Vic and Rina there are other Characters that get introduced along the way. So I hope I didn't bore y'all to death with my rantings. Even if it never gets publish I could alway just post their adventures in my blog. Who knows you can never tell. I also have another series God Wars that I am working on. First book which is the prequel is complete, just polishing up the edges and I have two request for a full ms on that one. So you never know you just may see me up there with Lara and Larissa! **CROSSES FINGERS** I love writing and its fun. My first published story was in 6th grade called The Case of the Missing Pepperoni. Its about a pizza shop that after dark the kitchen's condiments and food comes alive. Long story short they're all searching for Mr. Pippini Pepperoni, who is not around. They put on an all out search to find the pepperoni only to realize he's not there. The pepperoni gets found and they all live HEA! Yay for six grade stories.

Okay no more talking/blogging I am sure y'all have something to be doing like Blogging, Tweeting, Reading, Writing.. Even commenting on my Pat's blog.....Well get to it then. Chop Chop..


Please leave your message for KJ or better known as Tigris Eden
She is also one of the main members of Smut Slut Sisterhood blog.


Tigris Eden said...

Aww thanks love this was a shinning moment in time for me! Thanks a bunch! **BLUSHES** Does this mean I'm famous now! HAHA J/K! Thanks again, now you have to do one on my blog!

Larissa said...

LOVED your post darling... and you know I love you! You are so beautiful!!

I am dying to read your book!!!

Hugsies =)))

Rex Robot Reviews said...

Gorgeous picture, Kat! And I'm so jealous of your middle name.

I think it is safe to say we're all dying to read your book! You rock- great guest post!

Kathryn Sias said...

No blushes needed, you're a doll, I love this blog.

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