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Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: At Grave's End (Night Huntress 3) by Jeaniene Frost


where I got my copy: Borders
where else can you buy: Barnes & Noble, Book Depository

Some things won't stay buried . . . at grave's end

It should be the best time of half-vampire Cat Crawfield's life. With her undead lover Bones at her side, she's successfully protected mortals from the rogue undead. But though Cat's worn disguise after disguise to keep her true identity a secret from the brazen bloodsuckers, her cover's finally been blown, placing her in terrible danger.

As if that wasn't enough, a woman from Bones's past is determined to bury him once and for all. Caught in the crosshairs of a vengeful vamp, yet determined to help Bones stop a lethal magic from being unleashed, Cat's about to learn the true meaning of bad blood. And the tricks she's learned as a special agent won't help her. She will need to fully embrace her vampire instincts in order to save herself—and Bones—from a fate worse than the grave.

Third installment of the Night Huntress series starts with Cat's father, Max. He held Justina (her mother's home) as a bait so he can get to Cat. It was terrifying and downright disgusting, here Frost showed the good vs. th bad in all people and the supernatural. Max belonged to the truly evil. He tortured Cat just in the nick of time that her knight and shining armor had rescued her. We were then thrown into a whirlpool of events. Tate volunteered to become a vampire. Bone's grandsire Mencheres asked Bones is he could ally with him. He have a gift of seeing glimpse into the future, and told them that was is coming. At the ceremony a hors d'oeuvre of humans exploded on the spot not long after that the whole mansion was engulfed with flames. They caught one vampire and confessed the name of his Master. The name is Petra, the daughter of Cleopatra, we then found out that she is Mencheres estranged wife set to kill out Bones and she thought if she kills Cat first Bones will be an easy target. You see grandsire told his propesterous wife that in time a vampire will marry a non-human nor a vampire, he then will stab her with a silver knife that will lead to her permanent death. After that, a plan was formulated but a betrayal lead to a strong possiblity that no one ever anticipated.

Book three is a totally in a different ball game. No sickly sweet undying love or endless Chapter 32s (Don't fret my luv. There's still libido haywire inducing scenes that we all like, just nothing that can top 32). Book three is darker, more action pack and a lot suspenseful and made our characters stronger. I was an emotional ride. The plot was driven by vengeance out of lost love and test of loyalties. If book one was all about introduction, book two was all about second chances at love, this book is all about what breaks it and what bonds it stronger. There was jealousy, faith, friendship, grief, and strength. The banter between Bones and Justina were laugh out loud. Once again Ms. Frost impressed me, the same love I developed for Vampire Academy and Southern Vampire Mystery has been born in reading this series. Well written, I couldn't even explain the intensity every chapter brings. If you haven't read any book in this series. You are missing a lot! Grab a copy and place this book on your list of top priority must-reads.

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This book is part of my 3-4-5 Reading Challenge
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