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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: The Becoming (Anna Strong Chronicles 1) by Jeanne Stein


where I got my copy: local library
where else can you buy: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Book Depository

Anna Strong is trained for anything-until she's attacked one night, only to awaken in a dark world that exists between the living and the dead. Here, Anna struggles with her love for the two men who inhabit the realms of each: Max, a human DEA agent, and Avery, a Night Watcher who joins Anna in pursuit of the vampire who changed her life. Now, as her two worlds collide, fate plunges Anna into the ultimate battle between good and evil where survival is not just for the living.

Anna is/was a Bail Enforcement Agent, bounty hunters. Very interesting profession. The first chapters was about the perpetrator, John Donaldson, who was due in court for embezzlement. He jumps bail and ran off with his mistress. Ms. Stein jumped on the gun right away, went straight on how Anna turned vamp. Donaldson turned out to be a vampire, who attacked and raped Anna and acidentally turned her into a vampire. I would have been sad if not for Anna weird recovery and lack of shock on what Donaldson did to her and if not for the presence of Dr. Avery. I knew something was up as soon as he released Anna from the hospital after 24 hours of being knocked out. Turns out, Avery is not only a hot Doctor but also a Night Watcher, a part of the vampire world who watches over both human and vampire community from psychotic rogue vampires who cannot control their blood lust and a group of humans called the "Revengers" - stereotype really, they are humans who think all vampires are evil. The group's origin dates back from the middle ages when three crusaders were killed during one of the many bloody battles to convert people to Christianity.

Anna Strong's world of vampires can withstand the sun's rays, but does not have a reflection, and have an aversion to garlic? How weird, I don't remember reading something with that effect recently. The first two chapters of the book lead me doubting Anna's capabilities, will I place her as one of my favorite kick ass heroine? She did not even land a blow on Donaldson? Is she going to be some lame vampire in distress? a late bloomer? or Am I just so used to reading the heroines physical, mental and emotional strength on the first two chapters of a book that I grew impatient? Then the moment that I've been waiting for finally came into the picture, it was when she tackled Donaldson outside the saloon in Beso de la Muerte in Tijuana and then there was that situation with Williamson, she just keeps getting stronger, it is interesting how she draws that power from anger, she controls it and somewhat converts it into physical energy/strength, something that you don't read everyday, usually the hero/heroine's down fall is because they couldn't control their raging emotions.

The best part of the book was the last few chapters. It was after Anna found David, it gave me the shock of the week. What a way to betray a heroine; I was not expecting that, it was brilliant. The ending left me hanging, what now? what is in store for Anna? What's up with her boyfriend Max? and is Culebra friend or foe? and who is her mystery friend? (she calls him Casper). Amazon better hurry up and ship my second book...

I shamefully sub this in the absence of Cat & Bones (takes my mind off waiting for book 5), although Anna is not as strong as Cat, she does have enormous potential and the mystery and suspense might be more than what I'm expecting it to be. Recommended to all paranormal junkie.

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J. Kaye said...

I don't like endings that leave me hanging. I need a little closure.

ParaJunkee said...

This sounds great. I haven't heard of this before, uh, might need to move some things around on my TBR. GREAT Review!

Rex Robot Reviews said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this. I just received it from Paper Back Swap because I won the newest in a contest... Glad to see it will be a good one!

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