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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Review: Dangerous Games (Riley Jenson 4) by Keri Arthur

*this book and this review is for mature readers only*

where I got my copy: A gift from a Friend
where you can get a copy: Barnes & Noble, Amazon

In Melbourne’s urban underworld, there’s a nightclub for every fantasy and desire. But for Riley Jenson, one such club has become an obsession. Riley, a rare hybrid of vampire and werewolf, hasn’t come in pursuit of pleasure but of an unknown killer who’s been using the steamy nightspot as his hunting grounds.

Leave it to Riley to find the only ticket into the heavily guarded club: Jin, a deliciously hot-bodied bartender who might just provide the key to unmasking a killer unlike any other in the Directorate’s experience. Taunted by a former colleague turned rogue, distracted by an ex-lover’s attentions, Riley follows Jin into a realm of pleasure she could never have imagined. And as danger and passion ignite, a shocking mystery begins to unravel—one where Riley herself becomes the ultimate object of desire....

This book was put on hold for a very looong time, I misplaced it and finally got the urge to look for it since Smut Slut Fest is about to happen and I saw Tigris_Eden and Larissa_Sarah talking about it on Twitter or they might have suggested to me or I might have seen it on their blog or all of the scenarios mentioned. So I thought what the heck, it is time to give werewolves a chance. I favor vampires greatly, there's something about changing into something fury makes them less attractive to me, but the sex scene, I will now agree that the vamps got nothing on the weres.

While book 4 keeps me entertained, I was thrown in to confusion, the anceint gods of darkness did not appeal to me very well. I did however appreciate the horrors that they portray bdsm till you die is what they crave for. Talk about the highest level of carnal pleasure, I don't think anyone can top that.

The dhampire nature of Riley still draws me to this series, and Arthur made sure that I never forget. I wish she would lose the repetitive phrases everytime Riley feels the unwanted desire she feels. I get it alreay she is a werewolve and that is part of her and even when her life is at stake she couldn't help on what she is.

On the romance side. Quinn is beginning to irritate me, seriously when is his male ego and stupid werewolf issues going to end? While I am all about Team Quinn, for Riley's sake I think she should give Kellen a chance on the next book. Is that the case? Wait don't answer that. I'll start reading now...

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