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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Review: Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood 1) by J.R Ward

*this book and this review is for mature readers only*

where I got my copy: Amazon
where else can you get your copy: Barnes, Book Depository

In the days when I had 16 years, Farrah Fawcett hair, and leg warmers, my friends and I spent hours dividing potential boyfriends into categories of good and evil. We were like ruthless versions of the Angel Gabriel, though our goal was not to banish, but to lure, sinners -- the restless bad boys, the ones who ranged through high school looking for sex and trouble. I scored for the prom: My date had loose black curls, a pair of leather pants, and was voted best dancer in the senior class. He even had a red car. He was pure, addictive testosterone in a youthful package.

It's about time!!! I got suckered in to read this series and I'm glad I gave in to peer pressure. LOL
I like it, even though it's flawed in so many ways (ok just one, still not impressed with J.R Ward) I do however like how her writing is all about the dark, horrific, violent and smutty. I'm guessing that each book is centered on each brothers? (Did not read any reviews to avoid checking what to expect)

This book is centered on Wrath, the king of all Vampires, the last one that carries the pure blood of their race and the halfling named Beth Randall, daughter of his late brother (frat sense) Darius. I have learned that their enemy is called the Lessening Society, whose members are psycho humans who sold themselves to the Omega (devil or you know the evil sonuvavich) so that they would have the agility, and inhuman strength sothey would have at least a fighting chance of surviving / fighting or whatever the heck it is that they think was necessary to eliminate the BDBs and their civilians. Wrath is the leader of Black Dagger Brotherhood - Natural born lethal weapons who would not hesistant to kill anybody obstructing their way of annihilating their enemy. (supposedly... until Beth happened to Wrath - the scene wherein Wrath decided not to kill Butch)

So I think Wrath is freakin amazing, yes eventhough he could probably crush me and scared me at no end. It was an intrigue when I found out that he is going blind, or was her already blind? sorry I did not wallow on that part but that adds to his mysterious nature. But anyway, he and Beth is meant for each other, Beth neutralizes the bad ass in him and is really very sweet, I like that part where she gave Rhage the water and helped him calm down. it's a wonderful thing a woman does to a man. LOL. Stereotyping, but I love it when a guy is so evil, acting like an ass and is all high and mighty but when the right womn comes along they are the most incredible person in the universe.

These vampires are not like the Cullens, Oliver from Morganville Vampires will cower in the corner if he ever cross them, Damon and Stefan are wuss compared to this guys (I already think Stefan's a wuss anyways), or Quinn would probably accept Riley's nature fully when one of the BDB request it from him. In short these vamps are not so much the ones you swoon about so don't expect the typical "awwww that's so sweet" moments.

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Monica said...

I love this series. I am hopelessly addicted. lol.

The books are set around each brother and then start to get into other characters. The last couple of books have had more mixing of individual character plot lines to set up for future books and so you know whats going on.

I hope you read the rest, I can't wait until the next in this series comes out, I have been waiting for JM for a long long time.


stacy stew said...

I love this series. The 2nd book of the series is my favorite, but I liked all of them.

Anna ♥ said...

Ditto on the love of this series! I was so addicted by book one. It was love at first sight. :D

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the third book, Lover Awakened. Z is my absolute favorite of the BDB! I re-read his book after reading it the first time, just to spend more time with him.

Rex Robot Reviews said...

Pat! I'm so excited you started this series!! I'm even more excited you liked the first book enough to give it four stars... wait until you keep reading... it just keeps getting better.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

To all 4 of you lovelies - thanks for the comment. I will definitely read book 2 and this time nobody needs to pressure me into reading it. hehe

Caitlin said...

So just came across this by chance I love the BDB just blogged about it myself...however I found myself completely skipping some of the parts about the lessers I feel bad but what can you do.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

@caitlin- haha me too. Mr. X's schemes aren't all that intriguing is don't feel guilty.

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

I'll have to check this one out.

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