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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Author Interview & Contest: Robin Malone (Crimson Rose)

I live in Texas with my beautiful husband and three wonderful daughters. We live on a few acres of countryside property, in which the exterior view from the rear doors certainly help with the inspiration to write. ~

Please welcome Robin Malone, auhtor of the new series, Crimson Rose.
Please stay tuned, at the end of this interview she agreed to giveaway a copy of her book.

Welcome Robin, how are you today?

Doing great. Thanks! Hope you’re doing well also.

I am so glad to have on my blog today. Did I tell you enough how much I love this book? If in any way review did not quite pique the interest of my reader friends, please tell them something more that will absolutely get their attention. Can you give them something more about the Crimson Rose?

Thank you, Patricia. I’m glad to be here. lol, you have no clue how glad I am that you DID love the book! Well, I think your review was great, and it touched on the heart of the story. I guess if I were to say something more about it, I’d say that it’s a story about eternal love that persists despite impossible circumstances and tragedy, and despite one’s tendency to be imperfect. In the beginning Stefan was a monster, but through Rose’s love, he changed into something better; like a metamorphosis of sorts.

Where did you get the inspiration to write about Stefan and Rose?

I wanted a great love story like ‘Gone with the Wind’, but also wanted it to be dark, and tie into something like S. King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’, and ‘Interview with the Vampire’. I thought a story like that would truly be awesome. I didn’t want it to be anything like Twilight. Twilight, of course, is good (my daughter ate up all those Meyer books, lol) but I wanted this to be much deeper and thought-provoking. Again, not that Twilight isn’t good. Obviously it is…

This might be a pretty common question, but why vampires?

I love writing stories with villains in them; and I LOVE writing the villains’ personalities. The BEST villains there are, are vampires! Their mythical allure is fascinating to me.

I saw in your website that you asked Anne Rice to review your book. High Five on that! LOL. Does these means that she is you revered vampire authors?

Basically, yes. She’s one of the greatest vampire writers, for sure! So far, however, she hasn’t reviewed it, lol. That’s okay though; she’s still awesome! And thanks for the high 5!

What books have influenced you life the most?

Even though she is a bit of an oddity, V.C. Andrews. She has a way with describing emotions in her books. And Anne Rice, of course. I read ‘Interview with the Vampire’ when I was around sixteen. I wasn’t able to finish it, however, for my mother took it back to the store to exchange it for something else. Lol, she didn’t care for the book. Stephen King is good, although he kind of rambles on and on in some of his books. I used to read John Saul’s books, they were usually interesting. He writes suspense, with elements of the supernatural, and a little bit of sci-fi.

I can’t believe that the sequel, Blood Legacy is due to be released 2011. Why?!!! How is it coming along? What can you tell us about the sequel?

Well, lol, I keep changing the date. I’m searching for another publisher for it, and it’s been submitted to a new one, but as of yet I haven’t heard anything. It’s been one week so far. Her website states that it could take 2-4 weeks to hear back. If it gets published through them, it will be out sooner. If not, it won’t be out until the end of 2010, or beginning of 2011. It’s crazy, you never know what to expect in a business like this! I’m sorry about that! Anyhow, it’s coming along fine. I’m almost on chapter 9. Once I’m on chapter 10, I’ll be almost half-way finished.

‘Blood Legacy’ pretty much begins where the first left off, or a few months later. It begins with three teenaged friends driving in the countryside of Missouri. The boyfriend shows them an old cemetery he’d found, tucked away beyond a vast forest. Briana immediately has a bad feeling about the entire thing, and she wants to go home. An apparition appears at the edge of the woods, and summons the two teen girls to follow him. The boyfriend doesn’t seem to notice the phantom. Of course, the ghost turns out to be a vampire, and he lives in the manor beyond the cemetery and forest. Anyhow, Briana is ultimately spared, while her friends are killed by the vampires. The younger male vampire turns Briana into a vampire, and she soon develops an intense crush on him. Rose and Stefan are in this one also, of course. This book will tie in with the first, but to give away any more detail than that would spoil it, lol.

When you are not in your writing cave, what do you do on your spare time?

I do watch movies and stuff, and right now my boyfriend and I are almost finished with the X-Files series, lol. We play video games, like Grand Theft Auto. I know, GTA is bad… Very, very bad… It’s so bad that it’s good. We also finished playing the ‘Saw’ game two weeks ago. We must’ve bought like 15 video games for Christmas; some for us, some for the kids. We also have the ‘Up’ movie, it was utterly adorable, and the video game for that. My 8-year-old has already beaten it. I also used to play a lot of Sims 2, and now we have Sims 3; but it’s not as fun as the second one. The sims on Sims 3 aren’t as good looking, lol.

If this were to have a movie / tv adaptation who would you like to play Stefan and Rose?

OMG, I love this question!! What author doesn’t dream of this possibility??? Well, I think Jenson Ackles is hot (and I hope I spelled his name right), but they’d have to dye his hair to a lighter color, and make him up all pale (like they did Edward in the Twilight movies) so he could play Stefan. And MAYBE someone like Megan Fox could play Rose… J What an awesome scenario!!

OMG!!! Yes Jensen can totally play Stefan's role. I love him!

Please tell us about your other books:

My first novel is ‘Southern Bloodlines’, and its sequel is ‘Hushed Whispers’. These books are NOT paranormal, they are contemporary romances. To be honest, they are not as popular as Crimson Rose; probably because they aren’t quite as good. These were my first two novels, and I got better at writing by the time I started CR. However, I still love my first novel, and I think it’s very very romantic! And very dramatic. Thanks for asking about them!

Any parting words for our readers? 

Yes, I will do a give-away for CR on your website. I’ll provide one book, and hopefully whomever wins it will like it as much as you, Patricia! If not, that’s fine too.

That’s about it for now, I guess. Thanks for giving me the interview for your blog, Patricia! And thanks to those who listened to me ramble on about myself, lol. :P
Thanks again, Patricia!


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Bethie said...

Robin - The book looks so good. I love VC Andrews. I read the FLowers series when I was way too you to read it. But my mother thought as long as I was reading...and she had no idea what it was.

+2 I follow.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Robin said...

Hello Bethie!

Thanks! LOL, 'Flowers in the Attic' was quite dirty in a few parts... :D I remember my mom reading all those VC Andrews books when I was little. I re-discovered them not long ago. Well, dirty or not, I guess as long as you ARE reading... LOL. Anyhow, thanks again for your comment!!

Robin :)

Robin said...

Hello Patricia!!

Once again, you are the greatest; thanks so much for the interview, contest, everything. This will really help with CR's exposure.


Robin :D

joder said...

+2 I'm an old follower

+2 I tweeted it here.....

+2 I love the cover of this book, it's very atmospheric and you know what to expect when you pick it up to read. This is my favorite genre so I'm really hoping I win it!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Kirthi said...

+2 Old Follower
+2 It's interesting to know where you got your inspiration for Crimson Rose! I'm glad it's deeper than Twilight!

+2 Tweeted (user- ilovepages)

Book Monster said...

+2 old follower
+2 The cover is very mesmerizing! It's very pretty too :) I love roses, they're by far my favorite flower. Robin, What is your favorite flower?

Book Monster said...

Just reposting, Cause I forgot to include my e-mail which is:

Virginia C said...

+2 Hi, Robin! Your candor is quite refreshing. It makes me want to read all your books : ) I love the X-Files! I didn't watch it during it's original run, but caught up with it in syndication. I have seen the complete series numerous times, plus both of the feature films based on the series. My Mom even watched X-Files with me! She wasn't into the paranormal aspect. When she was young, she wanted to join the FBI!

+2 Follower

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Robin said...

Joder: Hi, I'm glad you like the cover of the book, I liked it too, lol. Good luck with the contest, and thanks so much for twittering it!!!

Kirthi: Hi! Thanks; yeah, I tried to make it deeper than Twilight, not that Twilight isn't good (for the millionth time, lol)!

Thanks for commenting!

Robin :D

Haleyknitz said...

I'd love to win this!

+2 old follower
+2 posted at
+2 the thing that really drew me in was the cover... and vampires on top of it? I've gotta get my hands on this one :D can't wait to read it!!! hope i win ;)

StephTheBookworm said...

I definitely want to read this and its sequel when it comes out. Please enter me in the contest. I'm a follower.


donnas said...

Great interview. Thanks for doing it. Crimson Rose sounds like good book.

- Old follower
- tweeted -

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Robin said...

BookMonster: Hello! Thanks for the compliment about the cover! I love roses too... I'm not sure. I think I'd say roses are my favorite too.
Good luck with the contest!! :)

Virginia C.: Hi, and thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you'd like to read all my books; although I think CR is the best, lol. Yes, X-Files is awesome! I never watched it during its original run either; well, I think I did a few times, but not many. The only thing I don't like about the last couple of seasons was Mulder's absence, lol. So far, we've watched the first movie, and it was very good. That's cool that your mom watched it with you. They need to have more awesome shows like X-Files. :) Good luck with the contest!

Haleyknitz: Hello; I'm glad the cover worked for you also. I was afraid the publisher would give me a horrible cover, lol. So I was very relieved when I saw it. If you ever read it, I hope you like it! Good luck with the contest!

Robin :D

Robin said...

Hi Steph the bw and DonnaS! thanks for entering the contest, and good luck!! Also, thanks for your interest in my books!

Robin :D

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the interview with Robin Malone and thank you to Robin for sharing here. I love discovering new (to me) writers. CRIMSON ROSE intrigued me and I've put it on my ToBeRead list. I like how Robin says she is a better writer now then when she began. Stephen King just said the same thing about Under The Dome, how he wasn't a good enough writer to write it until now. So I guess getting better doesn't ever stop.
All the best,

Robin said...

Hello RKCharron! Thanks; I enjoyed doing the interview. Patricia is very awesome! Thanks for putting CR on your TBR list; I hope you like it. :) LOL, that's true. You always improve as a writer, it never stops.

All the best to you too! Don't forget, I think if you wanted to win a book you needed to include your email address!

Robin :D

Lindsay's Photographys said...

I would LOVE to win this!
Thankyou!! :D:D:D
2+ old follower

Simply Stacie said...

Please count me in.

+2 follower

simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

Robin said...

Hello Lyndsay and 'Simply Stacie', thanks for entering the contest and good luck to both of you!!

Robin :)

The Book Vixen said...

I haven't heard of this book until now and from your review Pat, it sounds very interesting! Definitely adding this one to my wishlist.

+2 I am a follower
+2 tweeted

thebookvixen at gmail dot com

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Robin, I love Anne Rice too! She is my favorite author. If you have received any inspiration from her, I know I will love your books! (+2)

+2 old follower

Thanks for the contest!


Bonnie M. said...

+2 I'm a new follower, name is Bani.

+2 Spread the love here-

+2 Message For Robin : When you mentioned V.C. Andrews my mouth about dropped open in surprise. Here I was thinking she was all forgotten in the annals of fiction.. glad to hear her name said again!! Now I simply must read Crimson Rose. And picture Jensen as Stefan. <3 I'm looking forward to it.

Stacy Stew said...

I'm always shocked at how many authors live in Texas. I guess I shouldn't be since it is the largest continental state.
I too reside in Texas and have found it very inspirational...Stacy
+2 old follower
+2 comment

Marianna said...

The books sounds really good, dare I say it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast (sorta, it may be the rose image and all).

+2 New follower

+2 Tweeted (


Robin said...

Hello BookVixen, Stacy, Marianna! Good luck on winning the book! Marianna, the book kind of reminds me of 'Beauty and the Beast' also, lol.

Hello Michelle! Yes, Anne Rice is awesome!! I sure hope you like my books; it would be hard to compare to Anne Rice though. :) Good luck with the contest!

Hi, Bonnie; I had also thought VC Andrew books were obscure, but apparently not. They still sell them everywhere. It's amazing considering she wrote her first in the 1970's (I think). And yes, Jenson as Stefan, lol. Good luck with the contest!! :)

Robin :D

Luxembourg said...

The Midnight Breed series is also another of my top favorite series. I've loved every book in the series so far and Deeper Than Midnight was no different. My only complaint, like I said above is, I just wish the chemistry was a little more between Corinne and Hunter. I cannot wait to read Darker After Midnight to see all of the loose ends tied up.

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