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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guest Blogger: Angie Thompson of Angieville

Full name: Angela Thompson (Call me Angie)
Birthday: August 15th
Location: Utah
Blog Content: A book blog specializing in reviews and round-ups of young adult, urban fantasy, fantasy, and science fiction.

Oh, no questions at all: the thief Eugenides from Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief series. Because if Gen were real and prowling around there would never be a dull moment again. He's also my biggest book crush of the year.


Hi, my name is Angie and I'm a bookpusher. I last pushed a book into someone's hand last night. But she was asking for it. She needed a book. Or twelve. What was I supposed to do? Ignore her? Deny her the exquisite pleasure of discovering new worlds and new friends? I'm just not that strong. See, my problem lies in the fact that I get the most incomparable, most tinglingly delicious thrill from passing a book to someone else who is going to love it and who (hopefully) will come back and tell me about it so we can hash the whole thing out again together. This can take place in person, in the comments of a friend's blog, or within 140 characters or less via Twitter (I'm @angiebookgirl over there, btw) . All venues are welcome. It's a three-step process, really. The first thrill comes from reading the book myself. Arguably this is the most potent of the three. The second comes from re-reading said book after an appropriate amount of time has passed (sometimes months, sometimes 24 hours) and savoring those choice scenes you know are coming, experiencing them again in all their awesomeness. The third thrill comes from getting someone else to read it and being able to soak up the vicarious pleasure of someone else's first time. I know, I know. But realizing you have a problem is the first step, right?

But it doesn't stop there. This hobby I have is exacerbated by the fact that it's coupled with an almost instinctual drive to seek out new books. And by "new" I mean new to me. They can be old, new, out of print, or yet to be published. I want them all. And to keep track of everything I keep running lists, I visit libraries and used bookstores on a regular basis, and I spend what is probably an alarming portion of my day everyday hitting all my favorite book blogs and websites and reading all your lovely reviews and spotlights. The list of books I would never have read if it hadn't been for one blogger's hearty endorsement is getting long and distinguished. Just this year I discovered the simply beautiful Marcelo in the Real World because of Leila's solid review over at Bookshelves of Doom. I devoured Perfect Chemistry based on Trisha's ate-it-up-with-a-spoon review at The YA YA YAs. And, above all, I read and fell in love with, and cannot stop talking about The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia thanks to the not-so-gentle nudging of my booktwin Martha. Special mention goes to Thea of The Book Smugglers as well for turning me on to Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series and, as Magic Strikes was, hands down, my favorite urban fantasy of 2009, I really can't thank her enough. I mean Kate is freaking awesome and Curran...rowr! And I, in turn, have pushed each of these books on numerous people, in person and online, over and over again throughout the year. It's a vicious circle, I tell you.


So I don't know if it's a sickness or a superpower but it's mine. And I don't think I want it to change anytime soon. Because inhaling good books and telling other readers why I love them, getting good recommendations from them, and falling head over heels in love myself is such a large chunk of what makes my life full and rich and sweet. And all good things. So I guess I'll continue on and hope I don't drive my friends and family too crazy with the harping and the pushing and the every time I give a gift it's a book thing. My question to you is: do you suffer from the same sickness? If so, how do you handle it? Or, conversely, are you the poor soul some wild bookpusher is constantly stalking? Do you have a tried and true method for gently-but-firmly foisting them off on someone else? Or do you accept their ravings with good grace? I'd love to know.

And that's it for me. I've got to get back to reading. And convincing Janicu that she needs to read Daughter of the Forest stat. So long, guys. It's been a pleasure. Thanks for having me, Pat! I'm sorry. What's that you say? You're looking for a good book? I've got just the thing...

Thanks for reading please leave a comment for Angie.


Katy said...

Ha! I have the unavoidable urge to seek out "new" books too! My shelves are starting to overflow. *blush*

I just received Daughter of the Forest in the mail yesterday--looking forward to reading it. :)

Smokinhotbooks said...

Angie as a fellow book pusher I welcome you with open arms. I've gotten so bad that I discretely looked into someone else's book basked saw that she had Alexandra Ivy and practically tackled her with other book suggestions. I have no shame. Next thing you know I'll be whoring my blog out in front of grocery stores.

Great post Pat!

Caitlin said...

First, we live in the same state! You're the first book blogger I've met that lives in Utah, other than myself. I signed up to follow you just for that reason. And I like your blog too. ;-)

Second, I'm a bookpusher as well. I even got a part time job at B&N to feed the addiction. Everytime I work there, I force someone to buy one book or another. Poor shoppers!

Elisa said...

I caught the bookpushing bug from you! So it must be contagious! I think I push more books on people lately than I read! And the books I push on them, are books you've pushed on me! What a great high it gives you to watch someone love a book that you've loved, or even better; read a book and love it for the first time! Always feels like a success!

Rhiannon Hart said...

Oh god yes, I'm a book pusher. My boy has learned not to say "I have nothing to read" out loud or he finds himself buried under an avalanche of YA. I managed to convince him to read two, TWO, books of my choosing last year. Up 200% on 2008. Why is it 35yo men have no patience for YA?? *sigh*

Holly said...

Angie, is that a new pic? Me likes. Interesting post as always. Thanks for having her, Pat. Now I must get back to MAGIC STRIKES. :D

Angiegirl said...

Katy, it really is an urge isn't it? Almost elemental. :) I cannot wait to hear what you think of DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST!! It's such a comfort read for me.

Smokin, aw, thanks for the warm welcome. We pushers gotta stick together, no? I love that you read over people's shoulders and butt in! I've done that before at the bookstore, too. Sometimes they smile politely and listen. Sometimes they back away slowly. *shrugs*

Caitlin, no way! Yay for us. I'm glad you like the blog. I'll be heading over to yours now. Also, well done you on the in-store pushing. You're fighting the good fight, my friend.

Elisa, you are a master bookpusher now. And you have the perfect venue to do it in. *is so proud* That's exactly how it feels. So rewarding.

Rhiannon, I somehow knew you would be one of us. :) I'm slowly converting my 35-year-old man to the wonders of YA. Most recently the Megan Whalen Turners. We're gonna have an interlude of urban fantasy and then work our way back. *rubs hands together*

Holly, when Pat asked for a pic I had Aaron go through his files and we settled on that one. It was a couple months ago. And YES get back to MAGIC STRIKES. Say hi to Kate & Curran for me. I miss them...

MusicSnob1 said...

So I just have to say how thankful I am that you are a book pusher. My favorite thing is when I ask Elisa for new book suggestions and she says, "I'll ask Angie and let ya know." Thank heavens for that. Thanks for all the books that have been happily "pushed" on me. I love it!

PeaceLove&Pat said...

I am a book pusher myself. I have annoyed a few people because I keep asking if they have read the book that I recommended. And I made friends with the Borders staff by my place because I was there too much. LOL

I've been meaning to read the Thief, Queen of Attiola and King of Attiola for sometime now, when you reviewed it last year I immediately ran to the local library and borrowed it but... I never got the chance to actually read it :(. So, I'm heading there again today and actually read it this time.
I also haven't read anything about Curran, I know I know a must. Trust me, I'm on to it.

Again thanks so much for doing a guest post and tahnks to everyone who dropped and left a comment for Angie :)

Janicu said...

What's this book you want me to read? I don't think I really got the message. Something about a book. And I should read it? Yeah.

JoLee said...

Angie, I have read so many awesome books that I never would have discovered without you and your wonderful reviews. So push on, sister! In turn I pass along the recommendations to my friends, family, perfect strangers. You know, basically anyone who will listen to me...

Angiegirl said...

MusicSnob1, hey there! I'm glad you've enjoyed the recs vicariously through Liza. She's a pip, isn't she? So, which ones have been your favorites? :)

Pat, oh, you need to get to know Curran. Reading order: MAGIC BITES, MAGIC BURNS, MAGIC STRIKES. It's one hell of a series and that is all.

Janicu, LOL!

JoLee, you're so sweet. That makes me ridiculously happy. And, yes, I do know. If you can just hook them, they don't stand a chance. hehehe.

A Toast to Kos said...

I confess I am also a bookpusher, but I don't have a good sense of what other like. I just push everything I like and that ends up confusing people because I like A LOT of conflicting genres.

A Toast to Kos said...

P.S. Thanks for linking here from Twitter! LOVE the blog and am constantly referring friends to it for new book ideas.

Michelle said...

As someone who has benefited from Angie's book pushing-ness -- all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Angiegirl said...

Kos, you are a wonderfully bookish pusher. :) And sometimes it's almost impossible to gauge whether or not someone will like a particular book. The waiting game to find out kills me sometimes. heh.

Michelle, speaking of, I gave GARDEN SPELLS to my mom for Christmas and she is LOVING it right now. So thank YOU. :)

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