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Monday, January 25, 2010

Review: Broken (ARC) by Shiloh Walker


where to buy: Amazon, B&N, Borders
release date: March 02, 2010


Quinn Rafferty is working as a bounty hunter and bail bondsman in St. Louis when a new neighbor catches his eye. He’s tempted by her beauty—but he knows from experience that anyone desperate enough to live in his building is damaged goods. Besides, he has his own soul to mend before he can worry about anyone else.


Sarah McElya is on the run, but not for the usual reasons a woman goes on the lam. She’s not an abused wife, and she’s not a criminal. But she does have a plan for her future. And as much as she finds herself attracted to her gruff, tough neighbor, she can’t risk telling him the secrets she’s hiding. There’s just too much at stake.

Driven to desire…

But Quinn must get closer to Sarah when she turns out to be the target of his new missing persons case, and he discovers that there is something more complex and dangerous to her than he thought. Now, both Quinn and Sara will have to expose their true feelings—as well as their fragile hearts—if they hope their love will survive…

I cannot think of a better title for this book. The protagonist Quinn Rafferty has one of those childhood gone bad past. His mother is a drug addict and an alcoholic who beats him for trying to go to school, for reading and just for being alive. He was also emotionally battered, reading that part of him was close to unbearable, I hate reading kids being beat up by their parents, thankfully it wasn't that long. His mother died from drug overdose (no surprise there) while in the police station he found himself staring at another boy that looks like him, only this boy wears clean clothes and expensive shoes. He's got a twin and his name is Luke, and his father found him. Twenty years later he has become a bounty hunter. He especially caters to those bastards who gets a knack out of beating their wife / girlfriend or their kid.

Sara the other half in this story, pretty impressive character. She is a strong woman with great personality and is logically sound even after everything that has happened to her.  Sara is currently a waitress, she's been on the run for two years, moving from town to town, not staying for more than 3 months in a specific place. She can't afford it, she can't stop being paranoid and she can't trust anybody, until she met this elderly woman at the diner where she's working and offer her an apartment better than the one she's living in at that moment. Little did she know that there is one awesome incentive waiting for her.

Sara and Quinn's first glimpse of each other was full of tension right away. It will kill you. LOL. Walker built up an exciting anticipation on what will happen to this two characters once they get acquainted emotionally and physically. The tension was like a seduction for me. I kept on reading, not only looking forward to the sex scenes (which was hot as expected) but towards the revelation of Sara's past. I wasn't sure at first if two tormented people can really help each other. Sara and especially Quinn have a long history of emotional turmoil that I don't even think any one can help. Usually, the horrors and tortures from their past leaves them lonely and borderline psycho but when these two got close to each other the wounds seems to close and open up to a new and brighter morning. It was especially nice when Quinn woke up that one morning and he felt contentment.

Shiloh Walker virgin here, and I love this book and I love her writing style so I went out to buy more of her books. I wonder is Luke's story is as good as Quinn's? I have a heart for bad and dangerous boys, Luke doesn't seem to be the type. I have to find out.

Broken is a book full of intense situations. A tale that tells how bad things happen to good people. Their amazing struggle to keep their sanity, survival, hope and love. Exciting, lust worthy, and gripping. Definitely have to be on your tbr list.
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Shiloh Walker said...

:o) I'm glad you liked it!

Luke's story is...different from Quinn's. He's not quite so tormented, but his story is almost as harsh, for different reasons, though.

Thanks for the review!

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Thanks for dropping by Shiloh :)
I bought Luke's book at Amazon today can't wait to read it.

The Book Vixen said...

I want to get Fragile too. I hope it's as steamy as Broken :D

Cleverly Inked said...

I have not read any of her books either I need to check them out

Fiction Vixen said...

Nice review!! I really look forward to reading this. ;)

jacabur1 said...

So glad to finally see one of ARC reviews, love Shiloh Walkers books and am really, even more now so, looking forward to reading Broken.

Thanks for the Shiloh Walker "virgin" book review, it was lovely and informative.

jackie b central texas

A Life Bound By Books said...

Thanks for making me want to read this book even more. I have it preordered, so yeah... release date hurry up already!

I think you'll love Luke's book, I know I did. Can't wait to hear what you think of that one as well.

Thanks again for a great review.

Rex Robot Reviews said...

Wow. Great review! I've heard Shiloh Walker writes really well. I've got to get my hands on her work!

Lots of intensity!? Just my kinda read!

And holy crap the author even stopped by! That is AWESOME.

Brooke Reviews said...

This sounds so good, I LOVE the tense moments! :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Also, found your blog through Cym Lowells, Wednesday Book Reviews thigy :) I'm following you now!

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Thanks for following Brooke :)
I just got back from your blog.

Cym Lowell said...

Now I am a follower of your blog :) Thanks for joining the book review link-up.


Vicki said...

Great in-depth post.

Virginia C said...

Thanks for an honest, heartfelt review. "Fragile" and "Broken" are both on my wish list!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Cathy M said...

I just received my copy of both Broken and Fragile. Sounds like this is going to be a very emotional ride, but you definitely have me intrigued.

Ria Nichol said...

I liked how your review was to the point. The way you pointed out things that were important- like how the title fit the book.

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