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Friday, January 15, 2010

Review: Once Bitten (Huntress 1) by Trina M. Lee


where I got my copy: Fictionwise
where else can you buy: AmazonLiquid Silver

Alexa O’Brien is a professional huntress and a werewolf with the ability to conduct and manipulate metaphysical energy. When she is inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic vampire Arys Knight, the dangerous power they create together becomes more than either of them anticipated. As a result of their actions Alexa risks the loss of more than her remaining humanity, she risks losing the very person who holds her heart, Shaz Richardson.

When her former lover and Alpha pack member Raoul is framed for murder, he comes to her for help and Alexa is forced to face past emotions and betrayals that were never laid to rest. As the murders continue she is torn between past hurts and present loves. Amidst the rush of power and the struggle for control, Alexa must dig deep within herself to discover where her heart truly belongs. As secrets are revealed and lies exposed, she comes to discover that not everyone is who you think they are and the greatest loves are undying.

Alexa is a werewolf, an assassin and has a very complicated love life (or lack of).
Alexa was bitten when she was 16. She was the only survivor of that fateful werewolf attack. She then met Raoul and became her pack leader and former lover. When she moved out of his property she met Veryl and took the job of eliminating werewolves and vampires alike for heinous crimes.

The characters: The vampires in this book actually drinks blood and kills their victims without any guilt nor whining. The werewolves need strenth replenishing by eating meat. Arys seems to be a pretty cool vampire. Sexy and dangerous and that power, he is certainly unique (and perfect for Alexa?). I immidiately  labeled Shaz as lame, I might be biased because I prefer vampires more than werewolves, but really if you are to take a liking with an assassin you shouldn't be just a bartender, he should be in the action. As far as Alexa is concern, I don't understand why she's still putting up with Raoul's b.s and why does she always needs to explain herself to people. Her personality is confusing and sometimes irritating.

The plot: There is so many things that is happening in this book. First Raoul is being framed (supposedly) for killing her former lovers. Is he really not? If not him, then who? and why? Then Arys and Alexa finally gave in to the lust and had a mind blowing sex that short circuited his whole house as both of their powers merge. The aftermath was not too pretty their intercourse was beyond physical and is causing a problem. Then there was an issue of Arys ex-fiance wanting him exterminated. I feel for Alexa this two men are such pain. At the middle of the book, I changed my mind about Shaz, I am actually glad that he's just his glorious self and is always there for Alexa. Then there is the mysterious witch and part demon Lilah. What's her story? The way she got rid of the demon was way cool. The plot on this book kept me guessing and the pace a little slow but once you get to that turning point. It is unputdownable until you get your answers..

Dark, edgy and suspenseful. These are definitely not you high school supernaturals. Book two please...

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J. Kaye said...

The plot sounds interesting! I've never heard of Liquid Silver Books. Thanks for the intro!

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

I'll have to check them out.

Rex Robot Reviews said...

Never heard of these - great review!

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Thanks girls. I'll have the (author) Trina this coming Feb. 02, she will do a guest post and she is going to give away an ebook copy of this book. :)

Patti said...

I haven't heard of this series but it's got my two favorite things: vampires and shapeshifters. Sounds like a WIN to me!

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