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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guest Post: K.C & KK Malone of SmokinhotBooks

FULL NAME: KC is a nickname my mother used to call both of us. KK is Kristin Khan and KC is Cassie Malone
LOCATION: Orange County
BLOG CONTENT: Sassy Blog about Sexy Books – Entertaining Book Review

Smokinhotbooks Is In Control –  Book-Obsessed Addicts Who Would Sell A Kidney On the Black Market for a Book.
(please don’t take us up on the offer…we’re weak and have no willpower)

*Addict [n. ad-ikt; v. uh-dikt]: Person who is obsessed with everything to do with romance, erotica and all things whimsical and naughty.
*Obsessed [uhb-sest]: someone who is dependent on vampires, werewolves, and erotic man-love and needs these features as an integral necessity for life. Shelter and food are optional for survival. (source:

A little bit about us (yes there’s two!!) 
I (KC) run a romance blog with my identical twin sister K-Khan and we gush about sexy books ALL DAY LONG. We started this blog a little less than a year ago because we just couldn’t imagine that there weren’t more people like us out there. You know…romance and erotic- naughty, junkies. So, in an effort to find those who fly their freak flag high we set out to blog to those who care, about our inner thoughts and the movie-pictures in our heads. KC-Malone (aka Cassandra if you meet me in real life) is the ‘face’ of our blog, meaning she is head marketer, cheer coach, task masker, dictator, and founder of our little bloggie. K-Khan is the worker-bee that is constantly late with deadlines, makes excuses for why she is late, does a piss-poor job of editing and haggles KC-Malone about her ‘management style’. But all in all it’s a match made in heaven.

Our Genesis
Our romance addiction started in high school, where we could be found stealing our mother’s Julie Garwood historicals, hiding under the covers with a flash light, and pretending to be asleep whenever footsteps got too close to the door. Fast forward more years than we care to admit and I found myself staring at the Target bookshelves holding a paperback with the moniker ‘paranormal romance’. Since then

Finally, in the spirit if Bernard Pivot and in honoring the great James Lipton, we turn the tables on ourselves and ask these questions.

Smokinhotbooks: What is your favorite word?
   K-Khan: moose-knuckle . I can thank KC’s hubster for that one. Every time I hear the word I giggle and then normally end up on the floor laughing. I just taught it to our parents.  

KC-Malone: Easy Peasy. I’ve even dubbed my Kindle Mrs. Easy Peasy ‘casuse she gets my instant gratification needs. 

SHB: What is your least favorite word?  

KK- Mine’s more of a phrase:  ‘It is what it is.’ Gah! Nothing sends me more into a rage than this passive aggressive technique of basically saying, you f’ed up, but don’t worry I’ll just martyr myself for the cause. (I know, I have issues…)

KC: No. Nothing sends me into a hissy fit than hearing “No , or no that can’t be done, or No you can’t have that.” 

SHB: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
KK: Kindness, humor, great authors,…my husband when he’s behaving.

KC: Books. I know right? Didn’t see that one coming. Books make me feel good, books grab me emotionally, books can even make me  pray àPlease God let Karen Marie Moning devout a whole chapter to Mac and Barrons getting it on. See told you. 

SHB: What turns you off?  

KK: Arrogance and narcissism. Try working in a male-dominated industry for a while…whew, talk about egos! I’ll take a cat-fight over male chauvinism any day!

KC: Arrogance was my first answer but KK took that one so I’ll say ignorance and bad communication. 

SHB: What is your favorite curse word

KK. This is a toughie, I have so many I enjoy. I think I’ll go with the most heavily used one. Fuck. Then add mother before the word for extra emphasis or dire circumstances. 

KC: God Dammit {Insert Hubs name here}. Mother F*cker is a close second.

SHB: What sound or noise do you love?
KK: Children laughing. You just can’t help but smile when they giggle. Also, when my husband laughs because he doesn’t actually make any vocalizations. His whole body starts to shake and his face breaks out in this little boy smile. (guess that counts more of an observation rather than a noise)

KC: The sounds my computer mouse makes when I click Buy on Amazon. 

SHB: What sound or noise do you hate? 

KK: I jump out of my skin when I hear anything scratching on a clay or chalk-board surface. My mom is a Pampered Chef consultant and has stocked my kitchen with ‘stoneware’ only I hate using it because when it rubs together it makes that sound. Ooooo, I’m shuddering already.

KC: My Starbucks barista’s voice. It’s kind of nasally and it is really early in the morning, and I haven’t had a chance to drink my coffee yet. I shudder each time she says “soy latte”.  

SHB: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 

KK: This is funny. I’m actually trying to get my master’s to become a Nurse Practitioner. But if reality doesn’t enter into the equation then I would have to say bounty hunter because you can wear leather and carry a ‘piece’. 

KC: Being the wife to Brad Pitt count? Well if that one is already taken I’d like to be a college professor corrupting young minds, er…I mean teaching young minds.  

SHB: What profession would you not like to do?

KK: Work in the car industry.

KC: A guy duck collector. I saw this once on Dirty Jobs and have been disgusted ever since. 

SHB: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?  
KK: “Lucy, you got some esplan’in to do…” Then holds up my entire collection of male-male erotica.
    KC: God proceeds to pull up my twitter conversations. God “Spidey Smut Sense? Tell me why I should let you in”. Me: “I’m the world’s worse interviewer. Uh I promise a great ROI God.” 

Only 5? M’kay I’ll pick by genre:

Paranormal Romance: Kresley Cole’s Immortal After Dark Series. She constantly quotes from the movie Aliens and I heart her for that.

Erotic Romance: Dead World by Lorie O’Clare

Urban Fantasy: Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series (ALL OF THEM)
Male/Male: Cover Me by LB Gregg
Historical: Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber

Thanks to Pat for letting us come on to her bloggy place and talk about our book addiction.
So are you a book addict? What author makes you want to give a kidney to read one of their next books? Be honest your among fellow book addicts. 


Mandi said...

I would give a kidney to JR Ward - only if she promises massive love scenes between Qhuinn and Blay. That is so worth losing an internal organ.

Smokinhotbooks said...

@Mandi Hmm I would also offer Ward my pinky finger for more man love between Qhuinn and Blay.

Smokinhotbooks said...

@Mandi I would also offer Ward my pinky finger for more man love with Qhuinn and Blay.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

I would give up my kidney for Southern Vampire Mysteries for more delicious scenes of Eric-Sookie and some more Bones-Cat chapter 32 moments.

Smokinhotbooks said...

@Pat I agree there needs to be another Cat and Bones Chapter 32 maybe even whole book?

No clue why I posted twice sorries.

Patti said...

I had no idea there were two of you (not sure if that makes me feel better about your general crazyness or scares me!). Fun interview.

BTW - MF is my favorite curse word. It just seems easy to blurt out, plus, if you really stop and think about it it really is insulting.

Fiction Vixen said...

Well ladies, I am so glad to see the BOTH of you here. Awesomeness. Fun getting to know the two of you.

And Mandi and KC/KK-I would give away my first born (ok maybe not) for some m/m V lovin. omg. I need a cold shower. :)

*Waves hello to Pat!* :)

Ivy said...

Fun post! I loved it! I would not give a kidney to J.R Ward just because I am afraid of surgery... but I would give her my first born child to see more man love between Q & B! lol (Just kidding! I would not give her my first born... I would give her my second) :D

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