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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guest Blogger: Jennifer of Reading with Tequila

FULL NAME: Jennifer Sicurella
BIRTHDATE: December 24, 1979
BLOG CONTENT: Book reviews, giveaways, contests, author guest posts and interviews, blogger interviews and reading challenges. Plus discussions and some other stuff.

1.      You can escape reality
2.      You get to travel to exotic locations
3.      You get to become an infinite number of different people
4.      Anything can happen. Unlike the movies, there aren’t any financial reasons why you can’t blow something up
5.      It’s a solitary activity. Which means my husband can’t interrupt every 5 minutes asking what that guy said or what just happened.

In Which I Embarrass Myself with My Lack of Literary Knowledge

Thank you so much Pat, for inviting me to guest post on your fabulous blog. This is my first guest post (look mom, I’m famous!) so bear with me if I sound like a complete moron. Because sometime, I kind of am.

I’m a book blogger (obviously) and that leads people to believe I actually know a little something about books. I suppose I do, in a general sense. See, I’m an eclectic book blogger. I enjoy lots of different genres and therefore you can’t classify my blog as romance or urban fantasy or young adult or anything really. I have an entire brain full of information about authors, publishers, books and other reading related stuff relating to mystery, fantasy, horror, chick lit, middle grade books, paranormal, science fiction, etc.

Since I’ve got all that junk (um… knowledge?) jammed in my head, I often reveal myself to be pathetically lacking in what other people believe to be common knowledge. For instance, last year on Twitter, I shared with the world my extreme need to see the movie 2012. Someone replied that they did too, since they loved those kinds of books. Books? Huh. You mean they have books that are about end of the world apocalypse stuff? Really? Luckily, the friendly Twitter replier took pity on me and sent me a list of dystopian novels to get me started. Looking back I wonder how I didn’t know about an entire subgenre of fantastic fiction.

My current embarrassing lack of knowledge comes in the form of steam punk. I’ve been hearing a lot about novels being steam punk or that steam punk is going to be the new big thing. What the heck is steam punk? All I’ve managed to gather so far is that the characters seem to wear goggles of some nature. And maybe trench coats. Or not. I can’t get a definitive answer on the trench coats. I can’t even make up my mind if I want to try it because I don’t have any clue what it is. I feel as though I should know these kinds of things.

Did you know there is fiction about the polygamy lifestyle? I learned that lurking on Twitter today (side note: I’m a lurker. Sorry.) And something called team unicorn? This leads me to believe there are books about unicorns. And, well, the list grows daily.

See, the thing about being an eclectic reader and book blogger is that you get a small taste of many of the great books out there. You also miss out on the stuff you never knew existed. Without blogging I would never know I was missing anything, but I’d also never get a chance to learn about it either.  So in 2030 when I discover a fantastic steam punk book about polygamist unicorns, I’ll kick myself for having not known about it before. But luckily for me, when I finally do read it, there’ll be a whole community to rave to. And they won’t give me crap for having taken 20 years to figure out what they learned back in 2010.


Betty said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I could relate. It brought to mind a new author I was reading about called Evinda Lepins. She too has learned from life's experiences and used them for inspiration in her writing. I've included a link about if you want to check her out.

Lynsey Newton said...

Jennifer, it's really nice to see what you actually look like! Nice post, nice to learn more about you (incl our similarities in age). I saw 2012 and whilst I liked it, KNOWING blew me away, seen that one?

PeaceLove&Pat said...

You crack me up Jennifer.

"So in 2030 when I discover a fantastic steam punk book about polygamist unicorns, I’ll kick myself for having not known about it before."

hahaha. I would have never known that there was a steampunk genre out there if I am not part of the book bloggers community. And I have never heard of team unicorn! what in the world is that? you see you're not the only one you races to keep up with all the genres popping out of nowhere. LOL

Thanks for being in my blog.

Windowpane Memoirs said...

Great guest post! She looks so nice.


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

What a clever guest post Jennifer! You are truly very witty!

I know what you mean about Dystopian and Steampunk. I had never heard of these genres until I started blogging. So don't feel left're not the only one! As far polygamy goes, I knew very little about it until I started watching Big Love on HBO. Now I'm absolutely fascinated with it! And team! The only unicorn book I know anything about is The Last Unicorn and that has been around for years.

So, in 2030, I'll probably be right there with you (albeit ten years older...LOL)!

Emidy said...

Wonderful post! I agree, there's so much to learn while blogging. I haven't been doing it that long and have already gained so much bookish knowledge!

from Une Parole

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Great guest post - I liked your reasons for reading - my hubby constantly interrupts when we're watching a TV show to ask what is going on or who a character is - thankfully he can't do that with books :) I'm a follower of your blog and glad to learn some more about you :)

MarceJ said...

Pat, its great that you had Jennifer, I love her blog.

Jennifer, I love your humour, always makes me smile. Like you I consider myself an eclectic reader, I love the general knowledge of many genres.

Funny enough I only learned about the 'new' genres you described since blogging which was only Oct.
but they do not seem my style.

I still don't know how you can 'escape from reality' with a husband and children so often, hey you.

Congrats on your first guest post.

Katrina (Bloody Bad) said...

Boy Jen I think we are with you. I love Dystopia and Steam Punk intrigues me, but I have to read that "fantastic steam punk book about polygamist unicorns" It is so going to be a hit. Loved the post, very funny. (my co-workers are asking what I am laughing at, shhh)

Simcha said...

Great post! I spent the past week and a half dedicated wholly to steampunk reading and I still don't understand what it is, which leads me to suspect that this is not the genre for me.

Jenn-ay said...

Awww great guest post! I too learn a lot from all my twitter friends and blogging friends.

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