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Monday, March 8, 2010

Review: The Rise of Renegade X (ARC) by Chelsea Campbell

where I got my copy: Travelling ARC Tours
where to buy: Amazon, BN,
release date: May 11, 2010
Sixteen-year-old Damien Locke has a plan: major in messing with people at the local supervillain university and become a professional evil genius, just like his supervillain mom. But when he discovers the shameful secret she’s been hiding all these years, that the one night stand that spawned him was actually with a superhero, everything gets messed up. His father’s too moral for his own good, so when he finds out Damien exists, he actually wants him to come live with him and his goody-goody superhero family. Damien gets shipped off to stay with them in their suburban hellhole, and he only has six weeks to prove he’s not a hero in any way, or else he’s stuck living with them for the rest of his life, or until he turns eighteen, whichever comes first.
To get out of this mess, Damien has to survive his dad’s “flying lessons” that involve throwing him off the tallest building in the city—despite his nearly debilitating fear of heights—thwart the eccentric teen scientist who insists she’s his sidekick, and keep his supervillain girlfriend from finding out the truth. But when Damien uncovers a dastardly plot to turn all the superheroes into mindless zombie slaves, a plan hatched by his own mom, he discovers he cares about his new family more than he thought. Now he has to choose: go back to his life of villainy and let his family become zombies, or stand up to his mom and become a real hero.
The first page will immediately throw you into the world of our protagonist. All his life Damien Locke is set to be a great super villain. His mother after all is the great Mistress of Mayhem. A mad scientist who also happens to shoot laser beams from her eyes. Damien lives in Golden City (their very own Gotham City), where in heroes and super villains live among the regular people. Yes disguise and all that. It was said that on the night of a hero or villains sixteenth birthday, a mark on their thumb will be formed. V for villain, H for hero, and X for mix genes between hero and villain tryst. It is very rare and frowned upon since they obviously hate each other. Damien never dreamt that he would be one of these rare ones. All of a sudden his dreams of going to Vilmore (super villain school) and training together with his ex-girlfriend Kat seems impossible and to get matters worst his curiosity to find who his superhero dad turned bad. He only wanted to know who the guy is not live with him. The events following that was full of hilarious and villany antics. Befriending a girl named Sarah, surviving flying lessons with his dad, writing people on his revenge list, sorting out his feelings with Kat, blackmailing his half sister, all the while telling himself that he will be a great villain yet he keeps doing some heroic stuff and adapting the code name Renegade X.

Damien Locke is sarcastic, smart, hilarious, quick witted and shrewd young man. I wasn't sure that I was really up to reading it. The Sky High-ish theme of this book not to mention the very eye catching blurb changed my mind all too quickly. This was more than what I have expected. Damien will charms every reader. Despite the fact that our protagonist was raised as a super villain his traits are actually a cross between hero and villain, his views sounded more reasonable. He has the making of a great action hero. When is book two coming out? I'm excited to see what Kat, Sara and Damien going to be doing.


Anya said...

great review! i wasnt so sure about this book..and i dont really like the cover..but everyones been saying good thigns about it so maybe i'll give it a try;)

joder said...

Great review! The cover looks super fun and the premise sounds like it would be very entertaining. This almost has a comic book feel to it that intrigues me even more. So glad you liked it and that just cements my putting it on my wishlist.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Hi Anya & Joder - I hope you guys like it when you read it. It is really hilarious, you'll love Damien.

Liz said...

Great review! It seems like the Xmen !! but i love the history and the comic cover!


jmspettoli said...

Interesting getting a "superhero" story from the perspective a super-villain wannabe. Sounds like lots of fun! I think I might just give it a try.

Barbara said...

great review, thanks!

InABox said...

This looks like a fun read. I thought it might be aimed at younger readers, but you've changed my mind. :-)

Christa Holland said...

I'd only noticed this book in passing but after your review I really want to read it! The premise & comic book feel both intrigue me.

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