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Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Review: Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy #5) by Richelle Mead


where I got my copy: BN
where else to buy: Amazon, Borders

Dimitri gave Rose the ultimate choice. But she chose wrong…

After a long and heartbreaking journey to Dimitri’s birthplace in Siberia, Rose Hathaway has finally returned to St. Vladimir’s—and to her best friend, Lissa. It is nearly graduation, and the girls can’t wait for their real lives beyond the Academy’s iron gates to begin. But Rose’s heart still aches for Dimitri, and he's out there, somewhere.

She failed to kill him when she had the chance. And now her worst fears are about to come true. Dimitri has tasted her blood, and she knows in her heart that he is hunting her. And if Rose won't join him, he won't rest until he's silenced her...forever.

"Mother of ... all intense literature!" I know it was extremely lame but that's all I could come out with on a second when I look up I saw my 8 year old son looking at me with wide eyed fascination. My face must have shown a lot of emotions while reading this book. (carried away much? what's new?) You see this was that part of the book where I Rose was face to face with Dimitri "inside" that warehouse plus a delayed reaction on how Rose treats Adrian. I understand the feelings churning inside of Rose, Mead made sure that I understood and it was nowhere cheesy on how she detailed those feelings. Dimitri broke my heart. being  I too was conflicted whether Rose should kill him or not. The Strigoi cure was a bit sketchy too. Sure Robert "said" he had done it before but this coming out from the mouth of a mentally unstable Spirit User yet Rose's faith in that cure was so firm she made is sound like people around her are the ones who are crazy for not even considering it.So it was really crazy when the result was written up.

Rose never fails to amuse me. Conducting that prison break was a new record but calling the Queen - a sanctimonious bitch and insulting the Moroi law was probably the best part. That smart mouth has finally got her in trouble. Too much trouble that the only way that she could get out of it is they escape or if a miracle happens.

I have developed a new respect for Lisa. I have always dub the Moroi as a wimp, selfish and a bunch of individuals who keeps complaining about the security of their race. Lisa should have been an exception because Christian, Jill and the others that stand by Tasha Ozera's idea of Moroi fighting beside the Guardians certainly had yet Lisa just stands there give moral support sure but a lot of it too was worrying. I understand she had this gentle healing heart and all that soft girly stuff but so much has happened already and it is time to toughen up, physically. And then that wished happened. I am so proud that she can actually get into that level with her overpowering determination to save someone. All through out the four books and I am just now getting why Rose would actually die for her.

The ending was climactic. As usual, who will Rose choose Dimitri or Adrian? I don't think any of us can deny how worthy is Adrian now. Not even the most heartless of females can resists all those pledge of love and heartache. Especially now that Dimitri came back different. Battling emotional demons and at the highest level of self pity. Really I am infuriated yet I get it. So I am so so torn. The next question, What will happen to Rose? Who is the real perpetrator? How about Lisa? How is this connected to her? Again this is all torture. Why do we have to wait for December... 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Review: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard


where I got my copy: B&N
where else to buy: Borders, Amazon

Everyone has something to hide—especially high school juniors spencer, aria, emily, and hanna.
Spencer covets her sister's boyfriend. Aria's fantasizing about her English teacher. Emily's crushing on the new girl at school. Hanna uses some ugly tricks to stay beautiful.
But they've all kept an even bigger secret since their friend Alison vanished.
How do I know? Because I know everything about the bad girls they were, the naughty girls they are, and all the dirty secrets they've kept. And guess what? I'm telling.

If you haven't read the book and saw a promo for the new TV show that will air on June 8th 8/7c at ABC and caught yourself thinking... "Is this some type of a Gossip Girl wanna be?" I'm telling you right now. It's not. At this point it is really hard to say which show is more scandalous. Here are some Promo photos and promo videos shared by Meg Roberts of New Media Strategies.

Pretty Little Liar starts with five friends.. The "It" girls of Rosewood Day. A private school in Pennsylvania. Four girls bonded by their leader. Allison.After the "Jenna thing."
Everybody seems to love and worship Allison, even though her personality is a bit rotten. She sounded great. Pretty, fun to be with, full of life but she is also one manipulative biatch! Ger clique harbors a lot of personal secret that only she knew and promise not to tell, until she disappeared...

It has a Sorority Row and Gossip Girl feel to me. Pretty girl suddenly disappears, the rich and the bratty, and scandalous secrets. I think I like it a lot. Each girls have their own charming secret.

Spencer Hastings is extremely competitive, no matter what she do, she's always been second best at everything. And have this unfortunate attraction to her sister's boyfriends / ex-boyfriends.

Emily Fields, swim champ and the most demure of them all but is seems like she might be a lesbian. In a suburban town which her parents might also be a racist, not good.

Aria Montgometry struggled to fit in and like normal Rosewood boys, after being a resident of Iceland, European culture has changed "Identity crisis Aria" into "Icelandic Aria", bold, fearless and seductive. It shouldn't be a problem when she met this guy named Ezra at a pub and made out with him but the shock of finding out that he is her English teacher, not as cool.

Hanna Marin. She was the chubby girl of the group until three years later. She transformed herself as this popular and perfect girl in her high school. But that does not come without a price. Along with her fabulous physique is an eating disorder, and occasional shop lifting at high end clothing and jewelry shops.

I like it for the most part. I kept an excited face in the prospect of reading about "Jenna thing", only to be disappointed that it is not all there. Only vague references that it is something really big. And Who the hell is the "A" person that keeps sending them text messages, IMs or e-mails about their most guarded secret. I'm pretty sure it is not Allison because of the last chapters of this book. So who is it then? Ahh the suspense!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Review: Catching Fire (Hunger Games 2) by Suzanne Collins


where I got my copy: Borders
where else to buy: Amazon, BN

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After all, they have just won for themselves and their families a life of safety and plenty. But there are rumors of rebellion among the subjects, and Katniss and Peeta, to their horror, are the faces of that rebellion. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.

It is better late than never. That is what I felt when I was reading this book. Instead of the usual annoyance that I should have place it on top priority above others. Ok, I have a lot of favorite books / series but after the intensity of what is written here, I actually forgot the rest of my favorite book. Well... until now, I was glad that Spirit Bound is out and makes up for waiting for Mockingjay to be release later this year.

Katniss and Peeta is back, still pretending that they are a couple, still the Capitol's puppet. But after much threatening and whispers of a rebellion. Katniss & Peeta together with the other victors of each District found themselves playing Hunger Games again.This time it was special since this is the 75th year of the Games, one of the Quarter Quell.  The horrors of last year's Games came haunting Katniss once again. But she can't do anything, if she wants her family and Gale's and Peeta's to survive she would have to play President Snow's game.

I am not sure if the scenes that happened in this year's Game was much darker or not compared to the Hunger Games? There was clearly something brewing when the Capital replaced the head Peacekeeper at Katniss's District, and most especially Cinna's sacrifice. And then the alliance happened, sure there were vicious and disturbing things that happened but I did not cringe as much. I love the plot, the writing and how everything pans out. But what's frustrating? The ending of course. Nope its not bad, it was the perfect cliffhanger. So I did what I always do, I let out an impressive slew of curses, silently though, since I read this last bit of info during my lunch break.

I am not too much of a Team "anyone" at the moment. Gale is with a disadvantage at the moment. Peeta had a huge chunk of story ahead of him. He is an awesome painter, baker, liar and speaker. Props! when he did that announcement while being interviewed by Caesar, and he is always so sweet, so sensitive yet Gale seems to be in another level, maybe because Katniss speaks highly of him? or maybe because she seems to be perfect for each other, since they can both defend themselves and had been friends for so very long? I don't know, if he gets more spotlight on the next book I might be able to pick a Team...

How about you, on whose team are you on?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Are you a fan of Marta Acosta?

She got an amazing gift for us, something to ease the wait until we get to buy Casa Dracula Book 4.

Her new book Nancy's Theory of Style (under the pseudonym) by Grace Coopersmith will be released tomorrow, May 18th.

Jane Williams sees no way out of her miserable foster home when she receives an invitation to attend elite Birchwood Academy with a full scholarship. They'll give her tuition, spending money, clothes, and she gets to live in the old groundskeeper's cottage in the middle of a birch grove.

It sounds too good to be true. She expected snobbiness, but the students are almost too nice and welcoming. Her elegant and pale headmistress even offers Jane the chance to earn extra money by tutoring her gorgeous son, Lucky.

An unknown enemy begins threatening Jane, but she's not easily scared...even though she suspects that something happened to a former scholarship girl and that the headmistress and her staff are hiding some very dark secrets.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Review: Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton


where I got my copy: Cadence Group
where to buy: BN, Amazon

Kathy Spence awakens in the middle of the night and finds herself in a living nightmare. Her husband has been run down and she is the primary suspect. With an eyewitness to the crime and proof that her car was the murder weapon, it appears to be an open and shut case. Terrified for her future, Kathy turns to amateur sleuth Anne Marshall for help. Believing in Kathy s innocence, Anne launches her own investigation, uncovering proof of a conspiracy that reaches from Kathy s past and threatens her own life. In a race against time, Anne must count on her close friends and even the ghost of her father to help her bring a killer to justice before it s too late.


Professor Elliott Spence is a professor of law at their local university. Married to her college sweetheart Kathy. They are still as in love with each other since they started 15 years ago. The only piece that is missing in their relationship is a baby. Something that Kathy knows they'll never have, something that she did 15 years ago that is eating her up inside. This fueled the depression that she is having. The one day she told herself that she will try hard not to think about it anymore, Elliott and her needs a fresh start, and so the next day she decided that she will call one of her friends and see if she can be of any help at her school. This potentially positive day had turn into a nightmare. Ross, Kathy's ex-boyfriend and Elliott's ex-best friend who made it clear that he hated his best friend's betrayal and his ex-girlfriend infidelity when he walked out on them 15 years ago decided to show up at their doorstep with the assumption that Kathy is not happy with Elliott. After a mild altercation and with Ross totally humiliating himself. He left with the ghost of the same hatred and rejection he endured those many years ago but this time instead of staying away he vowed retribution. He then called their other friend Alice, Kathy's college best friend who was in love with Ross since then, she then told Ross of Kathy's secret that involves all four of them. When Kathy woke up from a drunk stupor due to a nasty hand delivered package, she was faced to face with the police delivering a news of her husband's death and guess it was not an ordinary hit and run, it was murder and all evidence was direct to her. But it so happens that Anne Marshall is going to help her clear her name.

Anne Marshall is a law student, amateur detective with lots of interesting friends. She was also Professor Spence's student. Known for sticking her nose where it shouldn't have been, she was soon sucked in kathy Spence's case. There is a help that I was not expecting to be there. A ghost of her dead father, guiding her, assisting her on what questions to ask, where to find people, etc... I was really surprise that there is somewhat a supernatural element involve. It was an added bonus to this unputdownable book. While the mystery of who killed Elliott is not that hard to guess, the characters and how the story ran smoothly was worth the read. Anne is a very likable. The secondary characters which are her friends, boyfriend and dad compliments her character. Is this a series? Because I definitely would love to read more of Anne Marshall's sleuthing adventure with her cohorts.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Book Review: Manifest (Mystx #1) (Galley)by Artist Arthur


where I got my copy: HQN via
where to buy: BN, Amazon,
release date: August 01, 2010

Krystal Bentley is an outsider at her new high school, having just moved to a small Connecticut town. Lately she's been hearing the voice of a teenage boy in her head, and he has become her friend and confidant. The only problem is, he's dead...
Ricky Watson was killed a year ago in the alley behind Krystal's new school. The rumor mill is filled with stories of Ricky and his untimely death. Unfortunately, as a ghost, Ricky is unable to investigate his own murder, so Ricky needs Krystal to find the truth and she needs someone to listen. When Krystal befriends Sasha and Jake, both outcasts at her high school, the threesome soon discover that they have more in common than their outsider status. Each has a unique paranormal ability and an unusual birthmark in the shape of an "M." Jake announces that the M must stand for misfits, and so the three form an unusual clique. They soon realize that solving Ricky's murder can help them understand the mystery behind their powers and may reveal whether there are others like them.

Krystal moved to Lincoln as soon as her parents got divorced. She can hear and see ghost. I understand how freak out she is, it is only natural that you don't want to do anything at first. I can only imagine the horrors of seeing one knowing that they are asking for your help. After much convincing from a ghost named Ricky and two other teenagers at her school, who possess other abilities.(Jake has inhuman strength and Sasha can teleport) she finally decided that yes she can help find the person who killed Ricky and the other ghost involved.

I honestly wanted to smack Krystal for a good half of this book. Sure, she's still adjusting on her new life not only in school but also at home. She hates her stepfather and resents her mother for leaving her father. And then there's this ghost named Ricky, who asked for her help and whom she had a little crush on. But I didn't like her attitude because she's rude, overwrought and quite frankly a bit bitchy but all that changed when she did decide to help Ricky and befriend and team up with Sasha and Jake. 

There is a brief explanation or assumption, depending on how you look at it, on where they got their power and what the M birthmark which all three of them have, stands for. That got me, anything that has a greek mythology concept always captures my attention. So I hope they are right. I was left anticipating the real deal. And what is this black fog that Krystal keeps on seeing? I bet demon's breath (hehe. too much Supernatural). I enjoyed reading it, the twist on who was preying on teenage girls who also killed Ricky was very realistic (well... except the very last part). I am very much interested on what's going to happen next.

Book Review: Dead in the Family (Southern Vampire #10) by Charlaine Harris


where I got my copy: Borders
where esle to buy: Amazon, B&N

Sookie Stackhouse has finally settled into a relationship with the Viking vampire Eric, and her errant brother Jason seems to have his life in order, too. But all the other people in Sookie’s life – Eric himself, her former lover Bill, her friend and boss Sam – are having family problems. Eric’s maker shows up with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow, the ailing Bill can only be healed by a blood sibling, and Sam’s brother’s marriage is about to take place... or will it? The furor raised by the coming out of the two-natured has yet to settle; some people are just not ready to sit down to dinner with a man who turns into a dog. And Sookie herself is still recovering from her last ordeal. She’s definitely improving, physically and mentally, but she’s always going to have some dark moments now. The werewolves tell her that there have been strange and ominous passers-by in the Stackhouse woods; now Sookie is about to come face-to-face with one of her more distant relatives...

After a year of waiting Sookie's Book 10 is finally here. I agree with my blogger friends that it is a downer- action, thrill and mystery wise. It is probably the weakest book in the series but I am actually glad that Sookie was not stabbed, beaten up or half mangled this time. Book ten is more like a down time for our characters. There was a lot of contemplating, worrying and grieving on Sookie's part. Bill Compton was out of commission due to silver poisoning when one of the ugly faery bit him when the faery war happened towards the end of Dead and Gone. Eric has received and unwelcome visitor, his maker Ocella and a creepy half brother named Alexei who was the Tsarevich of Russia, which I thought would end up in a more disastrous outcome than what had happened. That was weak compared to what happened when Bill was summoned by Lorena. Sam is dating one of Alcide's pack members. Jason has mellowed down and renewed his friendship with Hoyt and Claude is now living with Sookie. Nothing really important, life threatening or adrenaline inducing but it was not truly disappointing. I can feel that a new trouble is brewing, Victor is formulating a plan that is for sure. I was surprise that he was not at Book 10 at all, I was really pretty sure that I was going to read something about him especially when Pam and Sookie killed his assassins but nope didn't happen which was fine by me. There is also the matter of the government wanting to pass a bill wherein the two natured needs to register in an attempt to "not contaminate" other citizens and strip them of some rights when the world though they were one natured (humans).

Fans like me a probably very very happy that Eric and Sookie is now a couple, and they finally said they love each other. My only worry though is Eric losing his bad ass nature. The arrogance and ruthlessness seems to diminish and I don't think he can have that, I agree with Pam, Victor might use his love for Sookie against him. I think Sookie feels that too. With that said here's hoping for more action and meaningful events on the next book. *cheers*

Book Review: Barely Bewitched (Southern witched 2) by Kimberly Frost


where I got my copy: Borders
where else to buy: B&N, Amazon

Tammy Jo's misfiring magic has attracted the unwanted attention of WAM, the World Association of Magic. Now, a wand-wielding wizard and a menacing fire warlock have come to Duvall to train her for a dangerous mandatory challenge. But is there more to their arrival than they claim?

When a curse leads to a toxic spill of pixie dust, the town comes unglued and the doors between the human and faery worlds begin to open. To rescue the town and to face the impossible magical test, Tammy needs the help of incredibly handsome Bryn Lyons, but WAM has declared him totally off-limits. To avoid deadly consequences, Tammy probably ought to follow the rules this time.

On the other hand, rebellion is an old Texas tradition

Tammy Joe Trask is back for more trouble and more people / creatures trying to kill her. At the end of Would-Be Witch, Tammy Jo has finally came into powers, well... sort of, she was successful in giving her arch nemesis, Jenna, a hiccup hex. But after a week of uneventful days and night she received a letter from the World Association of Magic. Apparently our resident handsome wizard and lawyer Bryn Lyons was found at fault by siding and casting spells along side Tammy Jo and the authorities found her guilty and/or dangerous therefore has summoned her to do a challenge to basically defend her life. To make it look fair, they have sent in a British guy named Jonathan and a fire trigger happy, and her Aunt's ex-lover named Incendio to teach her. But is that really their purpose? To prepare for this training Tammy Joe decided to cast a spell and ask for earth's power only to unleash an armageddon. Thus slightly opening the door of the Never (faery world) unleashing hobgoblins, nasty changeling, horticulture horrors and pixie dust covering her town trapping them inside.

As usual Tammy Jo was running around town dodging murderous wizard, sleazebag neighbors and saving the day. I am so happy that Bryn and her are getting really close.There are a lot of significant situations in this book that will probably lead them into teaming up more. Aside from all the chaos they both discovered that they are half witch half something else. It explains a lot about why Tammy Jo's magic is all wonky and how her and Bryn survived a sure death scene. And at last... Zach has finally came in to terms that Tammy Jo's claim of magic, ghost and everything else. And he is about to make up for ever doubting her and thinking she's a bit crazy by going into training, so he could protect her more. I am seriously torn on who is the best man for Tammy Jo, they both have excellent qualities and infuriating flaws, it is hard to predict at this point on who is she going to end up with. This series is getting really exciting. I can't wait for Halfway Hexed! Umm... when is it coming out anyway?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book Review: Airhead by Meg Cabot


where I got my copy: Borders
where else to buy: B&N, Amazon

Emerson Watts, 16 and female, loves playing video games, hanging out with her best friend, Christopher, and has made peace with her less-than-supermodel-esque looks. But when she's involved in a mysterious accident, she wakes up to find she's now in the body of...a supermodel. Who was behind this switch? What was the motive? And how can she get Christopher to realize she's still the same person inside?

I like Emerson Watts, she's the anti-fashion and all things girly. She hates it with conviction, she called the trendy and popular girls in her school - The Walking Dead. So when her little sister decided that she'll follow in their foot steps she couldn't do anything but look out for her. And this includes chaperoning the little brat to the grand opening of Stark Megastore. (It is an all in one department store) While her sister swoon over how marvelous and awesome Gabriel de Luna, Lulu Collins, Brandon Stark and the mega teen super model Nikki Howard, she has computer games and the ridiculousness of the whole beauty industry in mind. But when the said supermodel Nikki showed up at the opening and a fatal accident happened. The next thing Em knew she was in a hospital gown, her skin was hooked up with so many wires and everybody keeps calling her Nikki. Gabriel  visited her from the hospital and she was kidnapped by Lulu and Brandon. After much shock and thinking she realized what was done to her. Well I certainly did not see that coming. I was thinking for on swapping lives or the Freaky Friday thing that Lulu suggested. I was surprised and still don't know if I like that idea or not. It is a litte bit futuristic and too sci-fi for my taste. Maybe book two will up the ante. I am very much interested in what things Emerson will do. Now that she has the power err the face to influence people.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Review: Something Like Fate by Susan Colasanti


where I got my copy:Viking
where to buy: Amazon, Borders, BN
release date: May 4, 2010

Lani and Erin are bonded for life. One thing that connects them is their fascination of fate. Lani wonders how much of our lives has already been decided and how much we can actually influence. Since the Unknown can unexpectedly change our lives forever, how much can we really control?

From the minute Lani meets Jason, she can't deny the intense connection they share. It feels like she's known him forever. She's not sure if he feels it, too. But it doesn't matter. Because Jason is Erin's boyfriend. Lani is determined to ignore her feelings for Jason, no matter how powerful they are, rather than risk hurting her best friend.

How long can Lani keep running from the boy who might be her destiny?

I was really glad that I got an advance copy of this book. I consider this as one of my early birthday present. Coincidently, this book will be released tomorrow, we have the same birthday :) I've never read any of Susan Colasanti's books and when I saw this last year and read the blurb, I know I got to read it. I love the dynamics of Erin, Black and Lani. Three close friends no matter how different, they still meet each other half way.

Erin is the pretty one. The popular chick in your group, the one that has a lot of friends outside your circle, the one every boy wants to date, the one that other girls' wants to be her best friends with.
Blake is a girl's ultimate best friend. Blake is gay. In a certain high school. He's the one who puts up a front pretending he's straight to keep her dad from finding out the truth. He's the one who notice how other guys look at you. Offers you honest advise whether you like it or not. And Lani? She's the average one. Smart, likable, friendly and does her part in saving the environment. Unfortunately for Lani and Blake the whole school will go against them if Erin is not their to back them up...

It all started with a guy named Jason. He's every girls in campus dream boyfriend. Erin like him. A lot. But when Jason met Lani sparks began to form. As a horoscope and all around fate junkie Lani saw the signs that they are somewhat predestined to each other. And they were, they have so many thing in common and they get each other like nobody does. There's only one thing that's stopping them. Erin and her complete blindness that Jason is a better partner for her best friend and vice versa.

I like how everything pans out. There is a small part though, something in me will never really agree with Jason and Lani. Erin might be irritating and self centered all the time but part of me sides with him. You just really can't date a friend's ex-boyfriend no matter what. I'd love to see an Erin book in the future.

Book Review: Vamps by Nancy Collins


where I got my copy: Borders
where else to buy: BN, Amazon

When the sun goes down, New York's true elite all head to one place: Bathory Academy, where the young ladies of the finest vampire families are trained in shapeshifting and luring their prey.

Bathory's reigning queen, Lilith Todd, is the daughter of a powerful vampire businessman, and she knows exactly what she wants from life. She wants to look beautiful for eternity and party till the sun comes up with her gorgeous boyfriend, Jules. And she doesn't want any New Blood upstarts standing in her way.

Enter Cally Monture, an unexpected threat from a trash zip code. When their first meeting leads to tragic results, Lilith is hungry for revenge.

I had this is my book shelf since last year. Thank goodness I finally came around reading it. I know. I know the cover looks like more of a glamor shop and therefore the contents is probably all whack.There I go again with judging the cover. Vamps is nothing like that sure there's still high end New York fashion and high maintenance princess type characters, shallow big egos and selfish.

Lilith, Jules, Carmen, Sergei, Tanith, Melinda, and Oliver are among those vampire family they call Old Blood. They are considered the ruling class of their society. The most powerful and wealthiest of all of them. As usual they are young, rich and fabulous. Lilith is you typical Mean Girl leader. Behind her bravado is an insecure teenage girl, so she look down on most of her peers and bully them into fearing her. After a situation at their usual party spot, the Belfry, Lilith and company was temporary ban until the problem get sorted out. Bored and looking for adventure they decided to go slumming at the nearby Greenwich Village to snack on some drug dealers or prostitute. But they weren't the only ones who have the same idea, a New Blood, (meaning a vampire that is a member of a family that was stripped of bloodrights during battle) or they assumed she was a New Blood from her fashion stand point. Her name is Cally a spirited and talented halfling. She is what they called the Stormgatherer with vampire blood. Their cat fight was interrupted when the Van Helsings showed up killing almost killing them. The casualty lost one One Blood teenager, Lilith best friend and from then on a rivalry between Cally and Lilith was born.

I told my friend. hey this book has our favorite vampire hunter. And she's like..."Buffy?", I wanted to smack her I do but I cannot blame her, I don't remember the last book I read featuring them. We dearly love Buffy we do, but we agreed that the best vampire hunter written in fiction are the Van Helsings. So I am glad that they exist in this book If I haven't read a lot of vampire books, I would have put this book down. There was a scene where Lilith was in tears about daddy cutting up his credit card than her best friend dying. Ridiculous right? But I am used to their snotty behavior now and this kind of behavior is not too shocking anymore. There's a cliche attraction between Cally and Peter Van Helsing but I am intrigued nonetheless. I'd love to share more of the plot but that will be giving away the whole story, so I'll shut up now. Conclusion: Character depth is needed but I like where the story is going and I am definitely interested on finding out what's going to happen next.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Book Review: Kiss of Death (Morganville Vamps #8) by Rachel Caine


where I got my copy: BN
where else to buy: Amazon, Borders

Vampire musician Michael Glass has attracted the attention of a big- time producer who wants to cut a demo and play some gigs-which means Michael will have to enter the human world. For this, he's been assigned escorts that include both a dangerous immortal as well as Michael's all-too-human friends. And with that mix of personalities, this is going to be a road trip from hell...

This is too awesome. Our awesome foursome is back again with more adventure and more dangerous situations outside Morganville. Yes, can you believe it? I never thought the day would come. We were left wondering how the hell can Claire fulfill his promise to the new villain vampire Morley. It always seems to be a moot point when situations like these arise. Yet Claire and Amelie always surprise us.

In this book Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve is granted a pass to leave Morganville for a week, chaperoned by Oliver, to accompany Michael to Dallas to see a potential record deal. It was a very exciting prospect for a road trip, not even Oliver's looming presence can dampen their mood. On their way to Dallas, Oliver announced an unprecedented stop on a small town named Durram where trouble started brewing. They soon found themselves in the middle of another vampire revolt that lead them to Blacke where Bishop left his wake of vampires with infections. It was one heck of a crazy ride.

As usually, Caine did not disappoint. I love where this series is going and it is going strong. I miss a whole lot of Myrnin humor on this book and that snarky attitude from Monica but everything else was just perfect. Every sequel gives us a lot of breath taking action and some killer thrill and it always ends with "I want the next book now!" reaction. And what about the Claire-Shane romance? its not on the adult level yet but not really one you can call puppy love. It has become more intense on the emotional scale. My friend Tina from GoodReads was right reading a Morganville book is like welcoming back home friends.
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