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Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Review: Vamps by Nancy Collins


where I got my copy: Borders
where else to buy: BN, Amazon

When the sun goes down, New York's true elite all head to one place: Bathory Academy, where the young ladies of the finest vampire families are trained in shapeshifting and luring their prey.

Bathory's reigning queen, Lilith Todd, is the daughter of a powerful vampire businessman, and she knows exactly what she wants from life. She wants to look beautiful for eternity and party till the sun comes up with her gorgeous boyfriend, Jules. And she doesn't want any New Blood upstarts standing in her way.

Enter Cally Monture, an unexpected threat from a trash zip code. When their first meeting leads to tragic results, Lilith is hungry for revenge.

I had this is my book shelf since last year. Thank goodness I finally came around reading it. I know. I know the cover looks like more of a glamor shop and therefore the contents is probably all whack.There I go again with judging the cover. Vamps is nothing like that sure there's still high end New York fashion and high maintenance princess type characters, shallow big egos and selfish.

Lilith, Jules, Carmen, Sergei, Tanith, Melinda, and Oliver are among those vampire family they call Old Blood. They are considered the ruling class of their society. The most powerful and wealthiest of all of them. As usual they are young, rich and fabulous. Lilith is you typical Mean Girl leader. Behind her bravado is an insecure teenage girl, so she look down on most of her peers and bully them into fearing her. After a situation at their usual party spot, the Belfry, Lilith and company was temporary ban until the problem get sorted out. Bored and looking for adventure they decided to go slumming at the nearby Greenwich Village to snack on some drug dealers or prostitute. But they weren't the only ones who have the same idea, a New Blood, (meaning a vampire that is a member of a family that was stripped of bloodrights during battle) or they assumed she was a New Blood from her fashion stand point. Her name is Cally a spirited and talented halfling. She is what they called the Stormgatherer with vampire blood. Their cat fight was interrupted when the Van Helsings showed up killing almost killing them. The casualty lost one One Blood teenager, Lilith best friend and from then on a rivalry between Cally and Lilith was born.

I told my friend. hey this book has our favorite vampire hunter. And she's like..."Buffy?", I wanted to smack her I do but I cannot blame her, I don't remember the last book I read featuring them. We dearly love Buffy we do, but we agreed that the best vampire hunter written in fiction are the Van Helsings. So I am glad that they exist in this book If I haven't read a lot of vampire books, I would have put this book down. There was a scene where Lilith was in tears about daddy cutting up his credit card than her best friend dying. Ridiculous right? But I am used to their snotty behavior now and this kind of behavior is not too shocking anymore. There's a cliche attraction between Cally and Peter Van Helsing but I am intrigued nonetheless. I'd love to share more of the plot but that will be giving away the whole story, so I'll shut up now. Conclusion: Character depth is needed but I like where the story is going and I am definitely interested on finding out what's going to happen next.

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Jessilyn said...

Sounds really intresting, love
Van Helsings too

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