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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cross my heart and hope to spy by Ally Carter


where I got my copy: Barnes and Noble

After staking out, obtaining, and then being forced to give up her first boyfriend, Josh, all Cammie Morgan wants is a peaceful semester. But that's easier said than done when you're a CIA legacy and go to the premier school in the world... for spies.

Cammie Morgan may have a genius IQ and attend the best school in the country, but as she starts the spring semester of her sophomore year there are a lot of things she doesn't know. Like will her ex-boyfriend even remember she exists? And how much trouble did she really get in last semester? And, most of all, exactly why is her mother acting so strangely?

All Cammie wants is a nice, normal semester, but she's about to learn her greatest lesson yet—that when you go to a school for spies, nothing is ever as it seems.

This is more I like it! The questions that I kept on asking while I was reading the first book. Is there an exclusive espionage school for boys, an equivalent of the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women? I do not know why it was so exciting, maybe because Cammie and her friends became smarter or because this was less predictable. Last semester Cammie broke a million rules, spy code and school code then her forbidden boyfriend found out about her true identity and the school's real mission statement. Not everything went well of course when Josh left the premise he also left the secret embedded in its walls. But I was totally expecting a new boy, a new distraction, a young spy at that and I was not disappointed.

Here we meet Zach, one of the boy from Blackthorne Institute. He got the creepy way of sneaking up to Cammie unnoticed. He seems to be where ever Cammie goes and he pose as a threat and a protector at the same time. It is so frustrating that I do not know anything about him, Cammie and her friends tried but Zach and the rest of his school is so covert, no clue was given. It is getting exciting. The characters are getting stronger and more distinguished, even Tina Walter's ridiculous gossip theory is growing on me. I am still not a fan of the covers but I am glad that the series is picking up, the cuteness is still there but I want more action. Will I be getting that on the next book?


Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

Great review! I've never actually read this series. Thanks for the post!

The Book Vixen said...

I've had the first book in this series on my wishlist for a while now. I think I need to bump it up :)

Love the new layout!!

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