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Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview & Contest: Grace Coopersmith - Nancy's Theory of style

1.      Who is Grace Coopersmith?
      Grace Coopersmith went to the same Fancy University I attended and read the same books I read, but she knows the proper way to clean a sterling silver soup ladle.  She can tell you about the history of Coco Chanel.  I can tell you the funny things my dogs have done.  She never eats salad with her fingers.  Not that I do.  Whoever told you that was making it up, I swear.

2.      Please tell us about your new book Nancy’s Theory of Style?
      Nancy Carrington-Chambers is a perfectionist and a control-freak.  When her husband turns her dream house into a tacky McMansion, she takes a “marriage sabbatical” and returns to her posh Pacific Heights apartment in a building owned by her family.  She hires the perfect assistant for her party-planning business.  Derek is gorgeous, stylish, British, and gay.  Nancy’s very attracted to this unattainable man and together they begin to work on her big project, reinventing the city’s dreariest – and most venerated – fundraiser.  Then Nancy’s irresponsible cousin abandons her four-year-old daughter with Nancy.

      Somehow, the young socialite, the assistant, and the child manage to get along.  However, Nancy’s snobbery sets in motion a chain of events that cause her world to come crashing down.  She can save herself, or risk everything for those she’s come to love.  Also, it’s very funny.

3.      What is the inspiration behind it?
      Nancy is one of those characters I just knew from the start.  She first appears in my Casa Dracula books.  She was so much fun that my editor and I decided she needed her own book.  Also, I’ve known stylish young women who lived in pretty and chic apartments in Pacific Heights.  It always seemed wonderful to me, and I wanted to write about that sort of life. 

4.      What are your top 10 favorite books and why?
     Don’t ask me this question.  I can’t answer it.  But John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces is on it, as is Persuasion by Jane Austen.
      5.   Interesting facts about you? Whatever comes to mind.
      The interesting fact about me is that it’s a real effort for me not to say something crazy and/or appalling at any given moment.  Also, I want “Mayhem Ensues” on my gravestone.

6       .  Do you have any future projects?
      Yes, I plan to clean the cobwebs from my ceiling.  Also, I’m writing a short story for an anthology about Scottish vampires.  I know -- how cool is that!  I’m going to start speaking in a brogue at home just to get in the mood.  Besides the Scottish vamp thing, I’m working on a young adult novel with a ghostly theme (not funny) and a new contemporary novel set in San Francisco (funny).  It’s about two best friends who decide to dramatically improve their lives.   Basically, I’m alternating funny and not funny books.

     Thanks for having me as your guest Patricia!  I’ll mention it to Grace…if only she’d email me back.

This lovely ballerina is one of my favorite authors. Her character Milagros hailed from the Casa Dracula Series, while waiting for her comeback, she released a novel that centers around Milagro's well bred and stylish friend Nancy. Have you guessed who she is yet?
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