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Monday, August 23, 2010

5 Mini Reviews


where I got my copy: Library

They said his uncle Ian died in a car accident. Alex Rider knows that’s a lie, and the bullet holes in his uncle’s car confirm the truth. But nothing can prepare him for the news that the uncle he always thought he knew was really a spy for Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency. Enlisted to find his uncle’s killers and complete Ian’s final mission, Alex suddenly finds himself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse, with no way out. The original novel that started the worldwide phenomenon is now a major motion picture!

I've been hooked with spy novel as of late; Anna Campbell, Evelyn Salt, Annie Walker or Chuck Bartowski might have slight influence on the whole thing but I am just generally fascinated with the whole espionage business. The mystery, danger and drama of it all provides great entertainment. Young Alex Rider here is no exception, in fact he is completely awesome, i still cannot get over that whole fiasco on that metal grinder. I keep thinking this could not be happening, maybe I am missing something and Alex is actually a cyborg or a half breed of something but no, it was all teenager with great spy skills passed down by his uncle without him knowing it. Agood start of a great series. Can't wait to read book 2.



where I got my copy: Library Thing Early Reviewer

Jessica's life seemed difficult enough since the sudden loss of her mother, but meeting Pietr Rusakova turns her world upside down again. The newest member of Junction High, Pietr is a first generation Russian-American, a fact that by itself makes him different enough to get lots of attention in the small town. But Pietr is far more than good looks and an interesting accent, Pietr has secrets to hide-secrets including dramatic changes he's undergoing that will surely end his life early. Secrets dating back to the Cold War get the better of Jessica's curiosity, leading her into an exciting and dangerous world where her understanding of reality and what makes a man or a monster will be challenged.

I cannot stress enough how much I am not interested in anything werewolf. I'm sure they are great but I just could not get pass the whole total transformation thing, metaphorically sure its great but visualizing the whole "changing" process also reminds me the smell of a wet animal... But, sometimes I encounter a book as well written as this and I suddenly forget all my whining about them. I am not so much a fan of the pace but I think the fans of this book could all agree with me when I say that, the pace adds a little to the mystery and to the anticipation. There are some parts that I do not approve on but it worked out, maybe book 2 would be so much better.


where I got my copy:

Lively young socialite Nancy Carrington-Chambers has always believed an excellent sense of style and strict attention to detail are what it takes to succeed, but her own husband Todd is showing symptoms of incurable tackiness, so Nancy flees their McMansion for her posh San Francisco apartment. She knows her event planning company, Froth, is a real winner, but she must prove herself by reinventing the turgid Barbary Coast Historical Museum fundraiser. Luckily, Nancy now has the perfect assistant. Derek Cathcart is British, impeccably dressed, gorgeous, and clearly gay—so why does Nancy find him so attractive?

Before Nancy can unravel her feelings, her irresponsible cousin Birdie abandons her little daughter with Nancy and takes off. Nancy, Derek, and Eugenia make an unlikely “family,” but strangely it seems incredibly right. Now Nancy’s parents are pressuring her to return to Todd, and she still has to pull off a spectacular party. For someone who’s always known exactly where she’s going, Nancy is in dangerously uncharted waters.

Small trivia: Grace Coopermsith is the pen name of Marta Acosta.
If you are a fan of her Casa Dracula books then you are familiar with Nancy. Let's just say that she is someone I avoid because of all the perfection and rules about social etiquette and what-not. But I love this girl, despite her high standards, use of fancy words, and elaborate ridiculousness about flowers and stuff; I can actually relate to her. She's hilarious and has a strong personality. So imagine her with a gay English assistant and baby sitting her irresponsible cousin's 4 year old daughter. The ideas are endless, I tell you.



where I got my copy: Cadence

Randall Lender was a Wanted Man. He was wanted by the Clergy of the Major Organized Religions, the Governments and the New World Order, but that was the least of his problems. After going out of body (astral projection) Randall Lender suddenly found himself in such a paradox where the surrealism meets dilemma. Within this phenomenon of Looking Through the Hour Glass he unfortunately after leaving his physical body ended up into another's. This was his paradox. This was his dilemma. This was his surrealism. And regrettably for Lender this was the real quantum problem. Randall Lender found himself on an unexpected journey with its twists and turns until he realizes that he must die to live for his return to his former body. And now the elixir of questions remains: What? How? And Why? Then you'll ask why me? Why him? And What If?

Unfortunately I had a hard time reading this book. I just could not connect with the character and the story. The language has nothing to do with it. The book and I are just not compatible. I do love the question behing it though - "What happens if one's soul gets lost after leaving the host body?" it has been a topic of drunk conversations and weird nights with family and friends but sadly reading about it is just not the same. Maybe I'll try to read it again sometime.


where I got my copy: I won from Good Golly Miss Holly

In the final weeks of eighth grade, Lauren Wood made a choice. She betrayed her best friend, Helen, in a manner so publicly humiliating that Helen had to move to a new town just to save face. Ditching Helen was worth it, though, because Lauren started high school as one of the It Girls--and now, at the start of her senior year, she's the cheerleading captain, the quarterback's girlfriend, and the undisputed queen bee. Lauren has everything she's ever wanted, and she has forgotten all about her ex-best friend.

But Helen could never forget Lauren. After three years of obsessing, she's moving back to her old town. She has a new name and a new look, but she hasn't dropped her old grudges. She has a detailed plan to bring down her former BFF by taking away everything that's ever been important to Lauren—starting with her boyfriend.

Watch out, Lauren Wood. Things are about to get bitchy.

I am all about the mean girl and teenage angst as long as it is made into a comedy and less of a horror story that involves some of the characters dying, ending up in an asylum or worst permanently screwed up and taking people with them. Lauren Wood is your typical high school Queen Bee, she'll use every one important to her to get what she wants. Gossip Girl, Mean girls, It Girls, we are all familiar on how they are and what they are capable of. I will try the lip gloss and mascarra thing next time as an evil prank and see if it will work. The only thing that did not work out was the ending. What. was. that. all about? I feel like it was totally rushed and that none of them completely learned their lessons. I wanted to know if Bailey and the other Lauren pose remain friends with her, how Brenda did with the whole drama thing and if Helen figured out what she want with her life now that she stopped obsessing about Lauren and if Queen bitch decided to mellow out...


Rex Robot Reviews said...

Ugh. I read Spirit too. I generously gave it like... 2 robots or something. Bllllleck!

And 13 to life wasn't that good? Damn, wanted to read that one.

FionaChan said...

Heard a lot great things about Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood, but the cover really does not help.
Nancy's Theory of Style sounds interesting though :D

joder said...

I enjoy werewolf stories and am intrigued by your review of 13 to Life. The cover is wonderfully moody and with teens in a small town you know there's going to be lots of angst. Great review!

Rajee said...

I am so scared to read spirit stories. I think you are so bold enough to read more.

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