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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AT&T iPhone 4, 16gb with 3gs network

So I said, "I am not buying the new iPhone 4, I'll probably wait for the next generation or for the 4g network and switch back to Verizon." But then again PMS and some $#!+ happened and I decided that I want one. I have looked at the high seas and millions of miles away wherein I can purchase it right away but to no avail. This frustrates me, I even had a fight with one chick because I was supposed to get it but I was literally 3 seconds late in grabbing the last one at Best Buy. I finally said, "F it, i am going to order this online." And then Apple told me that it will get to me 3 weeks from purchase. I was supposed to go to Hawaii! So I did the expedited shipping and got it the same day I was leaving for my vacation. I was so happy and excited. I do not care about the little signal problem that people are having, I do texting and internet anyway. I sold my iPhone 3gs to my best friends boyfriend for $350.00 NOT. BAD. It just basically replacing the money that I used to buy this iPhone 4. 

Let me tell you about the design... It is epic! It looks so technologically advance, sleek, elegant and it matches with all my outfit. *laughing out loud* that last part, I heard that from this girl shopping at Louis Vuitton.. I'm sure the Droid X is a phenomenal phone too but to me the material they use looks like a cheap hard plastic when placed side by side with the iPhone 4. I know this because I tease my boss endlessly about this and our office voted on it. The resolution? Is the bomb! everything is HD even the sucky videos in Youtube. The camera; even though it is not on a 10 megapixel level it is way better than my Canon, Sony Camera's, the Blackberry and the Droid's resolution. The Face Time is so awesome, I did a test run in Hawaii and connected to April (@Sugar Fling) in Irvine and it was so clear! Ok, as long as you stay within the Wi-Fi range which was cool since we are not even using phone minutes. The only thing that I do not like is the glare. Damn it is like a mirror. Do not go into the sunlight, you will not see anything on your phone and this means that I have to buy one of those InvisiShields that will cost me another $20.00 and if I buy it at Best Buy, they will charge $8.00 for the application. Boo... As far as on how fast it can connect tot he apps and browser? Damn AT&T killed it for Apple. My signal was fluctuating, and sometimes I cannot even connect, and this was showing all full signal! We had a Road to Hana trip in Maui and Road to Wailea and I cannot get a signal! All the people in that trip uses Verizon so they made fun of me, the bastards. The only thing that i would love for this iPhone to change is the Face Time. I wish there is a way to do it with the 3g, I wish I could use it for IMs and I wish we could do a 3 way Face Time. Jailbreak? (afraid to try it, if you did can you let me know how it works?)

Conclusion: So... yeah it is the coolest phone ever stuck in a crappy network. As soon as Verizon releases their iPhones next year I am switching back. I am not paying top dollar to get lousy service.


 AT&T Service

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Rex Robot Reviews said...

I love the iphone4!!! I want one so bad... but because I'm paying $500/month in school loans, I just don't want to spend the extra money yet. I'm too cheap. boooo, I know. But my plan on my phone right now for Dom and I is $105 with tax and insurance... and we've got unlimited everything- with the iphone we'd be paying a minimum of $165. I want that extra $60 for books. hehe.

And I'm surprised you hate AT&T! I haven't ever had any problems... switched over from Sprint. That shit sucks!!

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