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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CSN Store's Quilted Faux Leather Evening Bag

A few months ago I hosted a giveaway from CSN Stores for a very hefty gift card price of $75.00 to the lucky winner. I decided to visit their website again ---> ,  they have over 200 stores. They have vast selections of products from office supplies, gardening tools, fitness equipment, bedroom vanity, shoes, handbags, pet products, everything and anything that I could think of. After a few days of browsing through their website I finally found this...

Kathy Ireland by Murval City Chic Quilted Faux Leather Evening Bag in Black 

I've been looking for an evening bag, something that looks elegant, something that I can partner with everything, quilted and has a long strap. Yes Chanel's quilted lambskin would be perfect but I don't really have $1200.00 extra to get, and quite frankly even if I do, I don't think I can spend it on a purse. So I decided to search of CSN have one and lo and behold they do and this one is the right size and has a cute shape, perfect size and the price is right! This would be my alternative accessory bag when I attend parties, weddings or even for a girls' night. I am excited to get it.


joder said...

They have a lot of great stuff at this store! The quality is great and the prices are super affordable. Whatever you can think of, they have.

Rajee said...

You have great selection to choose this best stuff

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