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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gothic City Lights by Brindle Chase


where I got my copy: Review copy e-book from author
where to buy it: Loose ID ,Amazon (Kindle)

It was just a fling. Lilith Templeton had no clue he was a human agent working for the angels. No big deal, but she got caught and Mother Superior, Portland’s most powerful angel, wants penance. Or death, Lilith’s choice. Being a lowly half-demon and therefore not a participant in the never-ending war for souls, she knows it's insane to cross the full-blood demons like Mother Superior wants. But opting out isn't an option: do or die. For additional penance, she's paired with an angel who not only ignites her lust but something more. Lilith wants to fall in love, to know what it was like to share herself with just one man. Yet since succubi needed to stay sexually satisfied, falling in love with the angel of chastity is a mistake she can’t afford.

Gabriel would have never second-guessed his choice to ascend through the virtue of chastity. Until he meets Lilith. Now, his ascension would be forfeit if he cannot vanquish his need for her. Having no choice but to ignore the fire burning inside them, they work towards tempting the demon cult’s human leader into revealing the hideout. Lilith, sexually irresistible half-succubus, is the perfect bait. Get in, send the signal and wait for the angel to rescue her. Oh and not get killed, or tempt the angel. Simple, right?


When I read the blurb I know a half blood succubus and an angel of chastity is the perfect recipe for disaster.

Lilith hates her name so she wanted everybody to call her Lil, she is the half blood succubus who frequent the bar named Gothic City Lights, she knows and tasted everyone in "the backroom" of the bar at least twice. She is fun, sexy and everything someone with a succubus blood should be. And then there is Gabriel, an Angel of Chastity one level away from ascension, pure and a solid temptation for our little succubus. Mother Superior (the head Angel in Portland) had the brilliant idea of pairing them up to find out the demon responsible for funding gangster extraordinaire Coyote's drug business, for all intents and purposes, Lilith and Gabriel has a mission that would benefit any, but the pairing up is almost cruel. A punishment for Lilith and the ultimate test for Gabriel.

I was frustrated and angry for both of them. They obviously have massive amount of pent up sexual energy, enough to cause an earthquake once they get it over with but no something extremely deadly have to happen and they did it in the most bizarre situation in their life. I was glad that they finally did it but of course like most stories that did not end there, there were consequences and other revelations that seriously annoyed me not because I did not like like but because it was so cruel to be played like that.*wink*


vampgirlx90 said...

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kaye said...

Hi! Youve got a nice book review!! Keep it up :)

artseblis said...

I can guess there is a twist that means the restraint forced on them was just a test or something. :P

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