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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 New year's Resolution

I know what you're thinking, I am late, I should have done this the first week of January.
The thing is I just completed my list. So this will start February 2011.

1. No fantasy / supernatural fiction the whole year.
    - oh god! can you imagine? but wait... this is of course with the exemption of my favorite series.

2. No more smoking.
    - I still do not know how to do that but I have to.

3. Get back in shape. 
    - No gym, maybe home work out or dance studio.

4. Laugh it off. 
    -There was some issue about whiny acquaintances saying that I am talking shit about them, I used to get      stressed out about it, but then I realized, I know what i said and how I said it and it was totally not how that bitch said it.

5. Stay away from other people's drama.
    - I learned a very important lesson last year... Though shall not befriend thy in-laws girlfriend. Because when shit hits the roof, suddenly you are one of the bad guys.

6. Save.
   -I have this thing about saving money... I don't believe in it. What if I dies tomorrow? Yeah... pretty immature... for you!

7. E-mail a friend from Facebook twice a week.
    - it is after all a way to reconnect with long lost friends, or far away relatives.

8. Volunteer (a lot) in helping the homeless.
    - I've never done it but I've always want to. We start this Feb. I hope I could get all our friends to join us. This is one of the way not only to help others who are in need, but to also say sorry that I've been such a bitch. Balancing the karma, I guess.

9. Lessen time in front of the computer or reading.
    - its ridiculous how I'm always in front o it. if not the PC, I'm on my iphone, if not that, I'm on my iPad, if not that I'm on the freakin laptop. Seriously, so unhealthy and it kind of takes away the family time. So I am limiting myself for 2 hours before bedtime. The hours before that will be spent in full concentration of doing the house chore, playing with my son & dog, and cuddling or teasing my husband.

10. Get organized.
    - Sonuvabich! 5 years worth of paper work still scattered around the house. I still do not know how I will do it. But I must.

11. I will only do online shopping once in a trimester.
     - With the holiday spirit and just you know the lure of the material stuff, I've spent ridiculous loads of money that could have purchased a tickets to our NY trip this year. I said one in a  trimester because I wanted to get real. There is no way I can pull off not to shop online for a whole year.

12. Put an end to getting acrylic nails.
      - This is sad.

13. Be nicer to annoying people.
      - I know I annoy people too and I hate it when they snap at me, so I'll apply the - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Ahhh that's it the magical 13. I am hoping that at least 50% of this would be fulfilled. Wish me luck!

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