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Thursday, April 21, 2011

DAY 3: Acceptance

12:06 am, April 19 was probably one of the worst mornings of my life. A friend, a brother, a cousin, a son was taken from us. I never really thought that I would cry for someone as much as I did for him. I did not cry as hard for my parents nor to any of my relatives who died. I feel bad that I didn't but then again, we do not really have such connection like what I had with Dax. I will never forget the time when he was my only friend, where in I felt so alone and loosing a battle. He challenged the way I think, we have the same tolerance with demented, psychologically disturbing movies, indie films, and share the same love of music genres. You can talk to him about any topic, and I mean anything from serious to crap about aliens, vampires and the netherworld. His thinking was unconventional, which never fails to annoy me. He does not hate anybody, and no matter how evil people look at you (or how truly evil you are, as a person) he always managed to see the good in you. I was furious of course, but I was proud of him. He was 42, died of Hypertensive Heart Disease.

The thing that I hate is the drugs. I wish I could have done something more. I wish I really got mad at him when I found out he was still taking it. I wish I always answer his calls and not to promise myself that I'll call him later and then forgot about it, and I wish I always ask if he is still taking his cholesterol meds, than just assuming that he is taking care of himself. I wish he was a godfather to my 2nd child, coming this december, but I guess he couldn't wait anymore for him/her.

Where are you now? Are you looking for your body? Are you in an A.U where in you were trying to get back to us? Are you really going to report back to me on what happens to life after death? Is purgatory and all that has been thought to us real? Are you peaceful? Are you going to be Dax and pull a prank on me even on the after life? I wish I could have said bye. I wish I could have said I love you. I hope you know we miss you.

Till then, this song is for you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

PRODUCTS: Her Styler Colourful SeasonCeramic Flat Iron

For as long as I could remember, I always wanted my hair to be silky soft and as straight as it can be. I even blamed my genes for having an unmanageable wavy hair. So as soon as I turned 16, I went to a salon and indulge myself with the Japanese Ionic Hair rebonding, I love it but I soon realized that I am not really willing to spend $400.00 - $600.00 for it ever year.  So the next best thing was to buy a flat iron. I started with ConAir then Revlon and finally Chi but they all fried my hear, yes even Chi even if it promised to have ceramic plates and it only lasted 6 months. Those are not cheap and I told myself never again. 
So when HerStyle Coulourful Seasons were introduced to me by those pesky mall stall sales people. I avoided them like a plague. I know they are expensive and for all I know they might be full of crap like the other brands but one of my friends bought one and she let me borrow it for a week. And after that I just have to get one. So I went to the mall and bought one for $125.00 I still feel like it was a rip off but she told me that every year I could exchange the flat iron every year for other colors or upgrade, and that it has a life time warranty. I called the company and yes they offer it. I got the purple color. (I do not know what possessed me to chose that color and frankly I feel lame for not getting a black) So aside from getting a silky straight hair, I also get to have a flat iron for life. Pretty good deal, as long as they don't file for bankruptcy.

P.S: I know Amazon is offering it for low prices but I am not sure if they have the same warranty as I did.

Afterlife (Evernight 4) by Claudia Gray

Destiny awaits Bianca and Lucas . . .
Bianca and Lucas have always believed they could endure anything to be together. When a twist of fate not only transforms Bianca into a wraith but also turns Lucas into a vampire—the very creature he spent his life hunting—they are left reeling.
Haunted by his powerful need to kill, Lucas can turn to only one place for help . . . Evernight Academy. Bianca is determined to remain with him. But with the vampire leader of Evernight waging a war against wraiths, her former home has become the most dangerous place she could be, despite the new powers her ghostly transformation has given her.
A battle between wraiths and vampires looms, and Bianca and Lucas face a terrifying new reality. They've overcome every obstacle life has thrown at them, but is their love strong enough to survive the challenges after life?

Barnes & Noble

Hourglass ended with a killer hang over that it upsets me that I have to wait a year to find out what is going to happen next. 

In Afterlife, we've reach the final conclusion of the vampire version of star-crossed lovers. He belongs to vampire Hunters named Black Cross, and she a vampire child. Like a series that I learned to love, I am sad that this is end of story for Lucas & Bianca. But it does not have the same intensity when  found out that  am reading the last book of the Twilight series, or that Rose's story has ended. For this one, all I cared about is the conclusion? What will happen Bianca and Lucas now, that she had become a Wraith and he a vampire? Is Black Cross going to continue haunting the good vampires even though one of their own is now undead? So it goes to say that I am no going to miss the characters, well ok maybe Balthazar (and I am glad he is going to have his own series) It is sad that Bianca has not grown through out the series. She still have that childish tendency to her even after all the bad things that happen.

The surprising things are these... The first one is the sex & fangs scene in a hotel in Philadelphia, it is me or there is a bit of a kinkiness in that scene that I've never read before in any YA paranormal books? For a minute there I thought I was reading a more adult version of a vampire lit. let's be clear it is not dirty or anything, I was just surprise.

The conclusion for me... I am glad the series is over, Gray has failed to give me WTF moments as astounding as the first book and that Bianca's choices continue to annoy me. On to the next one, I cannot wait for Balthazar's story.

Books I Reviewed in Alphabetical Order

*updated 04/08/11* 

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong (Darkest Powers 2)


The Claiming of Beauty by Anne Rice
Code of Destiny by Sara Enochs
The Cold Room by J.T Ellison
Covet by J.R Ward
Crimson Rose (Crimson Rose #1) by Robin Malone
Cross my heart and Hope to spy (Gallagher Girls 2) by Ally Carter
















Sunshine by Robin McKinley
Swoon At Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter
Symptoms of a Broken Heart by Cory Cramer

The Truth about Diamonds by Nicole Ricci
Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires) by Chloe Neil

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Movie: Limitless

IMBD: A writer discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities.

I have medium expectation for Limitless, the trailer got me. Imagine using your brain's full potential, truly the title is fitting. I was however, expecting some sort of brain surgery or something shocking in the lines of experimental scientific testing not a drug called NZT but even with that it worked OK for me. If NZT is real this might be the only drug that I can get potential addicted on.

I've been harboring a crush on Bradley Cooper since Alias and really I do not want to sound biased but I think he did an excellent job. I could not think of any other actor to play this role. Ok well maybe Tom Cruise.
The dizzying imagery was also a big no no, I have to close my eyes and mind you, I am not one of those people who cannot stand watching 3D movies. The movie also lacks something, a wow factor was missing. Like they cannot really comprehend other amazing things a person can do if you use your brain's full potential. But I really can't complain that much since it was still entertaining.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Movie: Sucker Punch

IMBD: A young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the mental facility.

It was a sob story of a girl named "Baby Doll", mom died, step father a douchebag tried to do them harm, she retaliate and accidentally killed her sister, douchebag step dad called the police and then committed her at the Lennox asylum. Paid a character "Blue Jones" to take care of paperwork, falsify signatures and order a Lobotomy which lead Baby Doll to create her fantasy world.

Man, I was disappointed. The fight choreography was weak. Tried to trick my by applying slow motion. There was this one scene, where I saw that Baby Doll moves slow, now I'm thinking Kreuk played Chun Li pretty good. And really what is up with Baby Doll's dancing? It was kind of lame. And the supporting actress? The only one that probably performed well was Abbie Cornish.

I love Snyder because of 300 and Dawn of the Dead but this one, was so over the top, it lacks the luster that I am looking for. At the middle of the movie I started to loose interest in whatever is going to happen next and just enjoyed the CG it offered and noted the good song choices for the film.

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