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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

  • Pub. Date: April 2011
  • Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
  • Format: Hardcover , 272pp
  • Sales Rank: 39,053
  • Age Range: Young Adult
Where I got my copy? iBooks

New York City has been decimated by war and plague, and most of civilization has migrated to underground enclaves, where life expectancy is no more than the early 20's. When Deuce turns 15, she takes on her role as a Huntress, and is paired with Fade, a teenage Hunter who lived Topside as a young boy. When she and Fade discover that the neighboring enclave has been decimated by the tunnel monsters—or Freaks—who seem to be growing more organized, the elders refuse to listen to warnings. And when Deuce and Fade are exiled from the enclave, the girl born in darkness must survive in daylight, in the ruins of a city whose population has dwindled to a few dangerous gangs. As the two are guided by Fade’s long-ago memories, they face dangers, and feelings, unlike any they’ve ever known.

Dystopian novels started emerging ever since the success of Hunger Games. I love The Giver, but the story was too short, the others were just ok. As most of you know I was in hiatus for about a year and a half, so this book only came in as a recommendation from four of my book blog friends. They are never wrong, the back summary sounds amazing, the book trailer was the best, I only needed to read it and here's what I found.

Deuce lives in a post apocalyptic world underground where in arrogance and tyranny still has not left humanity. (Frankly I do not think it will ever go away even if the world we know would end like this) She is one of the hunters, one of the best judging from her skills. Outside her enclave and in the darkness, a flesh eating creature or zombie called Freaks which threaten to consume them. There are two kinds: the dumb freaks (traditional zombie, stupid) and the smart freak (zombie like creatures that has developed intelligence or as I call the the ninja zombie, like the ones they have in Resident Evil Afterlife). Like any other dystopian novel, Deuce and her fellow enclave born citizen, they were led to believe that the enclave and the underground civilization is the only ones left in the world. Then she met Fade, an outsider, an equally skilled hunter like her and claims he came from the topside. As soon as Deuce and Fade became partners a series of unfortunate events happen, and frankly, that's were all the fun starts.

It is a clever idea, I enjoyed reading it yet I have this nagging feeling that I have read something similar before. I love all the gory details. For me that showed the seriousness of their situation. I felt the depression, the desperation, the violence in their very disturbing way of life, unconventional way of thinking and the very short life span. it really made an impressions and I cannot wait for the next installment.


titania86 said...

This sounds amazing! Dystopias are better to me when they are gritty and realistic and depressing. I'm definitely adding this to my reading list.

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

Oh I loved this one ...and great review

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