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Friday, May 13, 2011

Movie: Student Services

Student Services is a French movie with English subtitle. Laura  (Deborah Francois) is an 18 year old college student studying to be a language translator. She is a prostitute. The first part of the film shot Laura standing up in classto possible go to the bathroom, but she fainted. This then explains that laura was unable to make ends meet, no money to buy food, no money to come up with 50% of her rent and no money to pay for any bills. While she has a job it was not enough, in desperation she answered an ad for female companion. She then became a prostitute.

It was a classic tale of a college student needing extra money for school expenses, clothing, rent and food. While I would love to say that Laura's story was an exagerration, I know for a fact that it is happening, and not only in France but to other countries as well. I bare witness to this oldest trade in the world. My freshmen in college, I met two friends who moonlight as prostitutes at night so they can pay for their school and other expenses. They did not really go into details on how they started, all I was told are the arrangement that they have with their clients. It was not pretty. They were straight A students. When you look at them, you'll peg them as innocent. I understood why they did it. When I asked them, aren't you afraid that i am going to judge you? They said they do not care. They are not doing it to sustain a drug habit, nor have daddy issue, or was not raped when they were younger. It is not the career that they will stay it, it was something for them to get by. Laura's story reminds me so much on those two people I met in college. They have similar douchebag ex-boyfriends who took advantage of their vulnurability, and treat them like their profession. I guess they could have find something better but it was the path they've chosen.

It was a good indie movie, typical story line with good dialogue. It goes without saying that this movie is not for children.

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