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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Giveaway: Pretty Little Liars Season 1 DVD

In lieu of the second season, I am giving away the season 1 DVD Box Set of  
Pretty Little Liars season 1.

When their best friend Alison mysteriously vanishes, four girls believe their secrets are safe forever. But when they begin to receive threatening messages from someone named "A," the truth may be only one text away. Filled with mystery, scandal, intrigue and nail-biting suspense, Pretty Little Liars is based on the best-selling book series for young adults from Alloy. Set one year after the disappearance of Alison, the manipulative and vindictive queen bee, the one-hour drama revolves around four 16-year-old girlfriends --Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily -- who have lost touch with one another until each begins to receive mysterious messages suggesting that Alison is watching them and knows their most private details they are desperate to keep hidden. Suddenly, living in their picturesque suburban community is far from perfect as secrets, lies and betrayals threaten everything they hold dear. Even after Alison's body is discovered, the messages don't stop....


  • "Pretty Little Liars: Two Truths and a Lie " - Discover some fun facts and fictional fallacies about the cast.
  • "It All Started with a Little Lie: Making Pretty Little Liars " - Discover how the pages and characters of Sara Shepard’s novel became this can’t miss TV series.
  • "Little Secrets from the Set " - Catch up with the cast and crew of summer’s hottest show as they bring us several juicy behind-the-scenes secrets from the Pretty Little Liars set.

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