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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coffee at Little Angels by Nadine Rose Larter


•Pub. Date: August 2011
•Publisher: SELF PUBLISH
•Format: eBook, Paperback
•Stores: B&N, Amazon, Sony Readerstore, iBookstore


 “Phillip, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Caleb, Maxine, Grant, Melanie and Josh grew up in a small town where they spent their high school years together as an inseparable clique. But high school has ended, and they are all living their own “grown up” lives, each under the impression that their group has basically come to an end. When Phillip dies in a hit and run accident, Kaitlyn summons the others to all come back home, forcing a reunion that no one is particularly interested in partaking in.

Coffee at Little Angels follows how each character deals with the death of a childhood friend while at the same time dealing with their own ignored demons after years of separation. Events unfold as the group tries to rekindle the friendship they once shared to honour the memory of a friend they will never see again.”

I am hooked from the start, I love Philips's introduction, his views on death and the memories of his childhood, it took me back to my own and reflected on how I feel about death. My thoughts momentarily digress to where I stand in all these, starting missing my childhood friends, and reminiscing about my own "funny little town, with funny little people". I have to stop myself a bunch of times while reading this book because it catapults me to my memories.

The story is told separately by each character, so you get their side of the story. They share stories of their lives, you can read the emotions and understand where they are coming from. My favorite character is Maxine, she reminds me of some parts of me past and present. But the other members of the group and their individual stories and issues are also quite interesting, I was glued on what is going to happen next. Will the awkward conversations stop? Will Melanie realize how insensitive her comments sound? Will Caleb or the group accept his situation of marrying a woman outside the norm of their society? Will Melanie and Kaitlyn mend their issues? and more.

The thing that draws me to this book is somewhere, somehow you have a friend or met people like them. Melanie, the miss know it all. Sarah the nice girl that have that stand offish way with her. Josh, the player... They have flaws but you love them and tolerate them anyway. You fight, you make up and no matter how much you hate their attitude sometimes, they are still part of you. The issues are real and it is relatable.
They have so many good points to share about lessons on friendship, love, compromise, death, coping, differences and letting go.
Its my best summer read this year.

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