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Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Captain America

  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Adaptation
  • Runnint Time: 2 hrs. 5 mins.
  • Release Date: July 22, 2011
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Director: Joe Johnston
Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. As Captain America, Rogers joins forces with Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter to wage war on the evil HYDRA organization, led by the villainous Red Skull.


I am not a comics fan, I tried reading it when I was in high school because I have this guy friend who was... still obsess with it, he lend me some Spider Man but the dialogue box and the photos did not work out for me. So I just ask him stuff about it when it comes out as a movie adaptation.

I like the movie, the story the CGI, Chris Evans. I loaugh everytime the Hydra minions yell "Go Hydra!" with hand gestures. I was so cliche and cheesy. I love Chris Evans but... is it just me or do you guys still see the arrogance and confidence of Johnny Storm a.ka. The Human Torch, this is why I prefer if the character has not previously played anotehr super hero in anotehr franchise, yet I couldn't think of a more suitable actor to play Captain America. I also love the character that is, Steve Rogers, I'v never seen such a scrawny individual with so much heart and determination. Nope not even Rudy. The dialogue is good and the actions scenes are at 7/10 in my book, I watched it on the regular screen and it worked out just fine. Be sure to stay after the movie is done, after all the credits are rolled, the Avengers trailer for May 2012 is there. I am so excited for that.

So what I am wondering is... Is Captain America the Superman of Marvel Comics and vice versa? What is the weakness of Captain America? Did I miss that part or it wasn't shared in the movie? I couldn't get a hold of my friend so maybe you guys can help me before he did. It bothers me that I do not know. haha

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